Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Hills: Working Girl Whitney

Lauren turned 22. Heidi and Spencer fought then bonded over Stephanie's betrayal. Stephanie and Spencer fought over her betrayal and over a fish tank. Brody looked yummy. I've seen this all before. 

Was my girl Whitney even in the first episode that aired Monday night? I don't think so. 

Episode Duex: Yes, Whitney is there before I even hear the words "Staring at the blank page before you..." And they played Britney's "Break the Ice," this could be the best episode so far. 

We're back at Whitney's workplace: People's Revolution

"Let's gather around like the family that we are," Kelly Cutrone says. Does that make you the mother Kelly? That scares me, I think she might emotionally abuse her "children" by making them wear all black.

Kelly Cutrone's rules of LA fashion week are basically to cover or hide anything that makes you an individual. This is one messed up family. Do you think Kelly will make Whitney go brunette?

Jessica isn't good at her job. I think she spends too much time trying to look miserable. Whitney pulls through with a bright idea for getting celebs to the shows. Kelly's impressed and so am I. Whitney voiced her idea without deliberately making Jessica look like the lazy employee that seems to be. 

At Teen Vogue, Lauren is looking lonely in the intern closet. She calls Whitney and busy Working Girl Whitney doesn't have time to talk. 

There is time to talk at the gym. Whitney isn't scared of Kelly Cutrone; I guess I'll take her word for it. But she's talking smack about Jessica (she's the boss of the LA office?). "She brought out her fangs." - Whitney

Back at People's Revolution it's like Lauren and Whitney are back at Teen Vogue only with a more industrial feel. Lauren's helping Whitney inventory the clothes and what's that, there is a possibility of the girls working together again? I knew it wasn't the end of the dynamic duo. 

I can't wait!

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not.a.diva said...

i have to say I was loving this episode too - and the previous one that showed Whitney working the sass & bide fashion show. maybe it has a bit to do because i work in pr but i've always really liked whitney and am glad she's getting more screen time - even if its not necessarily drama filled.

and is it just me but i'd prefer kelly as a boss to lisa any day. i like her 'tell it like it is' attitude.