Monday, March 31, 2008

I Am Bored 5% of My Work Day

After getting my promotion almost two months ago I have little time to peruse the Internet. On the positive side I now have more to keep me occupied instead of studying the state of my cuticles for two hours in the afternoon or refresh TMZ every five minutes to avoid boredom. 

There are moments however where I get a free moment in between updating my next event's microsite or filling out forms for my company's next trade show in Los Angeles (these days this 'free moment' is during my one-hour lunch break where I try to sneak my daily gossip fix or pretend to be interested in CNN). 

This week I have hit the motherload in terms of free time -- The Boss is on a trip to Italy for the week and barely checks for CrackBerry when she is on European time which translates into WG2 being allowed to freely browse the net and procrastinate. Here are a few sites that help occupy my 'The Boss free' time. 

1. Post Secret - There is nothing, and I repeat nothing, better than reading other people's deepest darkest secrets while eating your morning bagel. The concept being this spectacular blog is simple; for the past three years Frank Warren has invited people to reveal secrets that they have never revealed to anyone on a creatively decorated postcard which he then posts them on his website. 

2. Miss Couturable - Ever since I lived with two fashion obsessed roommates two summers ago, I've become addicted to fashion. They introduced me to the likes of vintage jewelry and Forever 21. I like it in the small ways though -- window shopping on 5th Avenue after work, getting newsletters from Kate Spade, and stalking Marc Jacobs website. My most recent obsession are fashion blogs and my favorite is written my high school junior who writes posts about Iraqi fashion, her obsession with cupcakes and the latest trend of bow dresses (I definitely need one for the spring btw). 

3. Shorpy: History in HD - This photography blog literally brings photos come to life. The creator of this blog takes old photographs that have been sent into him by members and photos he has found from the 20's, 30's and even from the 1800's and takes them from being low-res photos to hi-res and sometimes even adds in color bringing our ancestors back to life. 

4. Ebay - A big cocktail ring for $21.95, a Rebecca Minkoff bag for $207.50, and the "Pride & Prejudice" mini-series where Mr. Darcy played by Colin Firth where he derobes and therefore wins my heart for $1.05. You had me at ring. 

5. Overheard in the Office - The overheard conversations on this blog are updated every hour and they are hilarious -- and there are four editions including 'Overheard at the Beach', 'Overheard in New York', 'Celebrity Wit', and 'Overheard Everywhere'. My favorite overheard conversation in the work place today:

Office girl #1: Man, I'm really bored. I know what we should do... [Looks around] Aw, we don't have any glue, do we?
Office girl #2, confused and horrified: Um...

All I have to say is thank God for Italia. 


Anonymous said...

Here's another suggestion of what WG2 can do when bored at work: call her wonderful sister!

Oh, isn't that a fabulous idea. Yes, yes.

Anonymous said...

I read some of the Overheard in the Office lines and they are hilarious. I wish I had thought of that stuff!

Ad Girl said...

Brilliant. Since I am bored 65% of my day, these blogs and sites will help me through. I can't wait to check out the fashion one!

Ashley Kay said...

So I guess I'm not the only one that has lots of down time at work (and even if I didn't) and spend that time reading blogs. I just wish there were more blogs like "Working Girl," y'all are amazing!

Noel said...

Awwww thanks so much!!! You're too nice about my blog :].