Thursday, March 27, 2008

Romance in Conference Room 1

After some fun Internet research (while I was supposed to be doing data entry might I add), I discovered a office romance survey on (while trying to find a new job to replace my current shitty one). The survey was quite intriguing revealing that almost half - about 40% of workers - say they have dated a co-worker at one point during their careers and 20% admitted to dating a co-worker more than twice in their lifetime. 

I can unfortunately admit to being part of that 40% having awkwardly dated not just my co-worker, but my older and less mature boss. Admittedly not the best move on my part but when you see someone day in and day out for nine hours a day, five days a week who can blame you for having a crush on the guy in the office next to yours? Guys who you weren't normally attracted to suddenly become Greek gods in these situations. Friendships grow quickly and relationships can grow even faster. In fact out of those 40% who admit to having relationships with co-workers, 29% go on to marry the person they dated. I like those odds. 

According to Career Builder's annual survey, however, they say that office romances rarely begin with flirty e-mails or romps in the supply room between meetings. 13% of workers said that their relationships began outside the workplace when co-workers "ran into" one another at other functions. 

Other spark inducing situations for co-workers include a particularly drunken happy hour where 11% of co-workers felt the love, 10% learned to love one another while putting in over-time, another 10% admit to falling in love at first sight and another 2% admitted that a company office party brought them together. 

Did I mention I currently have a crush on a younger, very cute Working Boy at work? Maybe I thought this survey might give me insight to my flirty 9 to 5 relationship. Now if only he didn't have a cute, young Working Girl of his own that he treats to lunch three times a week. 

Sigh. I think I'll just keep crushing on Jim Halpert. 


Pam said...

Very interesting statistics. Two of my cousins met their current girlfriends at work and have been dating them for quite some time. My one cousin still actually works with his girlfriend and the other one didn't tell anyone who he was dating for like the 3 years they worked together.

And I also have a huge crush on Jim Halpert. I mean I know he's not real, but still. I already have the Pam thing going for me, so now I need my Jim. My Working Boy's name is only two letters away, so I suppose that's close enough!

meg said...

My work crush is an married man with four kids. I blush every time he walks into the office or calls me. Nothing will every come of it, but it's so fun to have a work crush.

Anonymous said...

Um . . . . what office romance?? When did this happen?

Shelby said...

2 months from now I will marry an amazing man that I met at an amazingly shitty job. The job (thankfully) didn't last but we did!

Anastasia said...

I love Jim. *sigh*