Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Working Girl Watches: The Hills

Lauren and Whitney are off to Paris within five minutes of The Hills: Season 3 Continued premiere (but not without Heidi getting some facetime discussing her relationship with Spencer) and my stomach is immediately in knots. How are they going to mess up this time, I think to myself. C'mon you know they are going to. 

They haven't even checked into Le Grand Hotel in Paris yet when they decide to skip the first item on their itinerary, picking up shoes at Colette, and get their ballgowns. When L and W arrive at Colette, oh mon dieu, it's closed. "Clearly, we should have gotten the shoes first, and our dresses second." Clearly, Whitney, clearly. 

"I mean, it's our first night here, I'm sure they'll understand." Right Lauren, because Lisa Love and your colleagues at Teen Vogue have been so understanding in the past.

I'm amazed that the girls are so clueless about their itinerary. Did anyone at Teen Vogue sit down with them and go over their schedule? their tasks for the week? anything? Co-workers of mine are planning a trip for their bosses to three major European cities, it's taken countless hours of planning, pages of word documents, and several discussions with those people taking the trip. Why? So they know what they are doing, where they are doing it, and how they are getting there. How could these two not know what they have to do?

"There's a light show, right?" - Lauren on le Tour Eiffel.

The moment Lauren turned to her ballgown and pondered the idea of wearing out in Paris, I knew she was going to eff-up. Anyone else? I predicted (to myself, because WG2 is still in the Vegas, probably taking pictures in front of the fake Eiffel Tower) that her eff-up would occur as she was taking out her homemade hem. I was wrong, she burned the dress with her curling iron and somehow it looked like coffee on the dress. Remind me not to have coffee next time I'm in Paris. 

"The curling iron does something like that?" - Whitney
"It's fabric, it burns!" - Lauren 

Did Teen Vogue really hire Whitney? Obviously fabric burns. 

Kimball, senior editor at Teen Vogue, had some life-changing advice for Whitney when she told him that she sees herself more in styling. "Then maybe you should pursue that," he said. Very profound. Kimball, however, is right and at the end of the episode Whitney expresses that she's ready for a change, that she doesn't want to sit behind a desk at Teen Vogue. I say, Go Whitney! She's put in, what is it, three years there? It's time for her move her Working Girl heels up in the world.

I'm beyond thrilled that The Hills is back! I finally have something to watch on Monday nights. I have a few lingering questions about this episode:
1. Did Heidi get her lips done?
2. It's been five years since Carrie went to Paris on "Sex & the City", MTV couldn't find a different french r&b/rap song to play during the debutaunt ball scene?
3. How did Heidi manage to get all this time off work to "figure things out?"

Things I'm looking forward to this season:
1. Brody Jenner 
2. Whitney's final days at Teen Vogue and her "deal with the devil" (what is she doing?).
3. Brody Jenner
4. Lo-ism's ("Brody's girlfriend's very pretty." Way to make your BFF feel better, L0.)
5. Justin Bobby
6. She-Spencer's friendship with Lauren.
7. Brody Jenner


Anonymous said...

Oh the Hills! I too am excited to watch this show again. I find that it is a good teaching mechanism to learn how not to act, for the most part!

Kerry said...

Heidi DEFINITELY got her lips done!
& i was wondering the same thing, about how she took time off ' to figure things out' with Spencer!
oh i loveeee the hills :)

Anonymous said...

i am SO excited for the hills to be back on!

some of the things they say make me wonder how they are working at Teen Vogue.. & when is Spencer going to get rid of that nasty beard and move on from Heidi?

Ad Girl said...

Yes, Heidi definitely had her lips done. I am personally looking forward to the progression of her face over the course of this season. Who knows what plastic surgery she will get next. Did anyone hear her new single on People.com, yesterday?

I kind of liked it....kind of.

Megan said...

WG1 - The Hills is my saving grace every monday. Totally feel you about the french r&b song used in the SATC finale. Lauren is not the new Carrie. You forgot to mention how exciting it is that Stephen from Laguna beach is coming back!

Amander said...

i love justin bobby, but ste-PHENNNNN is coming and i cannot wait! Heidi's lips look like two hebrew national hot dogs stapled to her face. it's absolutely revolting, so naturally i love it. so glad your dad lead me to your blog, hope that doesn't creep you out! ~Amanda J.

Andrea said...

brody jenner is the hammer in the toolbelt of life

where the F did that come from?!?! what is wrong with me?!

All Girls Info said...

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