Monday, March 17, 2008

Take Your Top Off (And Get Fired)

A year ago today, WG1, and fifteen (yes, you heard right - fifteen) of my closest girlfriends and I would just be getting back from our college Spring Break trip to Negril, Jamaica. We would all be dragging our feet off the plane, possibly still drunk, and walking from the crystal waters and beautiful beaches of the land of Bob Marley into a blustery snowstorm. I remember being tired, cranky, hungry, hungover (in that order) and completely dreading going back to school and subsequently to homework, to boy drama, to internships and baby-sitting.

And now as I sit at my teeny-tiny cubicle in gloves and a scarf because my office lacks any kind of heat in the winter, I would give my left arm to be just getting off that airplane and skipping and clicking my heels back to school. It's such a difficult change - going from getting the odd Monday off here and there for national holidays, a month for winter break, and three glorious months for summer - to working five days a week, maybe getting off one or two national holidays and having to sit sweating at your desk during the summer. But I think the one break I miss the most has to be Spring Break - a week where you can go and be anyone else in a tropical locale with all your best friends during the cold winter months.

In protest to the ways of the working world, I am going to pretend I'm still in college and participate in Spring Break 2008. On Thursday night I will be taking a plane to Las Vegas, Nevada with my Fabulous Project Manager and our friend Lisa. Vegas, baby! I can't tell you how excited I am. In the city of sin, I will get to gamble away my money, throw away my money, and drink away my money at glamourous night clubs, exotic restaurants, and maybe even the Chapel o' Love (just kidding Dad!).

My working friends all had different reactions - The Boss told me I deserved a nice break off (but I could tell she was peeved she wouldn't have anyone to make sure her office lights were on in the morning, the younger crowd all seemed jealous that I had this glorious idea to save this great tradition, and some of my older friends teased me for being young, naive and immature for wanting to splurge on such a decadent five-day vacation.

While I agree, I might not have the funds to support myself and this trip, I do think I deserve a break. Long hours, overtime, even working weekends - eek, I get tired just thinking about my last two months in my new position at work.

I'm looking forward to some sun to cure my Working Girl woes and I might just take my top off - at the pool, with a bathing suit on - so I can get a tan (or more freckles).


Anonymous said...

You go WG2! You deserve a break after all the work you've been doing. But don't forget to call you family and wish them a Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...


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