Monday, March 24, 2008

Charge It!

A girl doesn't forget her first credit card. Whether it was really daddy's credit card with her name on it or it a pre-approved card that came in the mail.

A Working Girl never forgets her first corporate card. Or, at least I don't think they do. I received my first corporate card last week; I haven't forgotten it yet. With my new position in Marketing, which starts on March 31st (finally), I meet the requirements to have a corporate card.

The shiny brand-new American Express card with my name on it arrived via interoffice mail. I activated my card online and put it in a safe spot in my wallet, right next to a Forever 21 gift card.

The responsibility of having a corporate card makes me feel a little more legitimate as an employee. I'm trusted with spending company money on marketing projects and supplies. Not only will have be responsible for the expenses of my new bosses, I'll have to stay on top of my own. I pay my personal bills on time and my expenses are usually in order, but having a corporate card makes me a little nervous. Maybe the nervousness about handling the responsibility of a corporate card is really nervousness about handling the responsibilities of my new job. Same goes for feeling more legitimate as an employee. Either way, I excited about my upcoming responsibilities.

I haven't used the corporate card yet, because I haven't officially started my new job. It's just sitting in my wallet waiting to be used, along with that Forever 21 gift card.


Anonymous said...

Just don't start using petty cash like christina applegate did in "Don't Tell Mom the Baby-sitter's Dead." I'm pretty sure your boss wouldn't be too happy about that!

Anonymous said...

I completely know what you mean. Getting a corporate AMEX is a HUGE step in life.

Anonymous said...

sounds exciting and the landmark for officially starting your new position! Good luck!

Andrea said...

drinks on working girl 1!!!!