Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Time for a Drink

Every so often a group of coworkers will get together for some post-work beverages at a local watering hole. This is called Happy Hour. 

At Happy Hour everyone is happy because the work day is over and drinks are cheap. Or, they are supposed to be. In reality, while everyone is happy the work day is over but most of the time, happy hour is spent talking about work and complaining about work. Not to mention, the drinks aren't even that cheap. 

There are a few things every good happy hour needs:

1. First and foremost, Alcohol. Lots of it. Obvi. 

2. Greasy food. For every two beers or two glasses of wine or two mixed drinks or two shots (if you're gonna go hardcore) there should be one greasy appetizer. My person favorites include fried calamari, baked brie, potato skins and french fries. 

3. Office gossip! A little gossip never hurt anyone, at least not that badly? Ok, sometimes it backfires but gossip is great and you know you love it (reason #12 why work is like high school). 

4. An awkward moment between a male coworker and a female coworker. A coworker of mine once mentioned a broken bedpost, I jumped into the conversation way too late and brought up a pretty inappropriate reason for a bedpost to be broken. 

5. A drunken make-out! Oh I forgot, this isn't college. 

And there is one thing that every happy hour doesn't need, a next day hangover. That would be so college, so freshman year.


Katy said...

hmmm...broken bed posts...I think I know that story.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't there be a rule about not saying anything that could potentially get you fired?!?!?!?

Bethany said...

Happy Hour is by far the best part of work... And that drunken make out is a reality in the work world too, not just college... Just a little bit more awkward seeing them at work opposed to running into them in barone the next day.

Andrea said...

i'm all about doing rounds of shots in daylight with coworkers....go hard or go home people