Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Working Girl Idol: Andy Sachs

"I think I'd do a good job as your assistant."

If only we could all say those words and land a job that, say it with me now, a million girls would kill for. Yes, I would have killed for the job a Runway. I would kill for that wardrobe, that boyfriend, that apartment, that trip to Paris. Ok, so working for Miranda Priestly wasn't exactly a walk in the park and Andy almost didn't get out of her job with any integrity, but c'mon it looks so fabulous.

But beyond the fabulous couture is a naive college graduate, trying to find her way in the world. Or at least the publishing world. Andy Sachs is a rock star assistant who becomes slightly consumed by the fashion magazine industry, but in a more endearing way. She sacrifices a year of her life because she believes it'll all be worth it. Andy believes that while she's doing the job that a million girls would kill for, she's preparing for the job and career that she would kill for. The New Yorker. Vanity Fair. Whatever that dream job is.

Re-watching The Devil Wears Prada this weekend (WG2 & I have three copies in our apartment) after working for almost a year, I had a new perspective on the movie. Andy learns more about herself in her months of working for Miranda Priestly than she did in college. Her life changes and she discovers what she wants from life and a career.

Even if all that she learned was that she doesn't want to work for a fashion magazine.


Anonymous said...

I love the Devil Wears Prada! Such a good movie!

dreamer said...

Have you read the novel? I think Andy is very different in the movie and they kind of lost the whole story and the whole character of her in the movie.