Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's In My Bag?

Lately, I've been having bag boredom. Don't get me wrong, I love the bag I've currently been using is one of my favorite bags. It was a gift from my dad from his trip to Italy. I begged for an Italian leather bag since I couldn't afford one when I studied abroad in Florence for a semester. I was somehow able to afford all the pasta and pastries that I wanted. As much as I love my bag, I'm bored. Thankfully, Botkier is coming out with a line of bags for Target in July. But, regardless of the exterior of the bag, the goods inside are usually the same.

My brown bag from Italy.

View from the top.

I'm currently reading WG2's summer reading recommendation "Tabloid Love." I too, would recommend this memoir. It's the perfect mix of chick lit and real life experience. That letter is my bookmark and I desperately need to mail it. It is a document for our landlord stating that WG2 and I are not renewing our lease and it's due by the 30th. Better do that today! Next to "Tabloid Love" is my 2008 datebook. Almost every page is blank, I never write in it. I guess I just have it for show. Or to occupy my time on the bus, I fill in events that have already happened. I don't want someone to find it in 25 years and think I was lame and boring. My pink Lodis wallet is there too, got that baby on ebay for $50 and I love it.

These are the essentials that I need everyday at work. I keep them in the rainbow pouch in the background. My younger sister used to use it as a camera case and then I stole it from her. Hehe. Airborne is a Working Girl's best friend. Sure, sick days are great because you get to stay home but there is nothing I hate more that being sick. An Airborne a day keeps the doctor away, and, unfortunately, keeps me at work. I've never taken a sick day. Burt's Bees is another must-have, along with my lip gloss. Tissues, I guess are just good to have. I think those have been there since November. Oh, and my nail file. I break my nails like it's my job and I bite them too (I know, I know, it's gross), so I use this sucker a lot.

Here are my $10 sunglasses from the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market that I keep in a Ray-Ban case. I tend to break and lose sunglasses often. So I buy them cheap. The Ray-Ban case is from a pair of Ran-Ban's I got at work (pre-South Africa trip), I don't wear them though because the look horrific on me. I'm thinking of selling them on ebay. The pink thing is my check book that I love and only use to pay rent. But it's cute, so I keep it with me. In the corner is a left over Ambien from my South Africa flight. Good to know I still have one.

Ah, the commuting anti-social devices. iTouch for all my music needs (and GMail needs if I can get an internet connection) and cell phone for all of my texting needs. My beloved Blackberry had to be returned a month ago, I've finally got back in the swing of texting on a regular old cell phone and I am no longer have dreams about BrickBreaker.

And there is all my crap. More lip gloss, some random business cards and train tickets, change (including some Euro and South African Rand) and a bag of WG1's would not be complete without bobby pins. Where ever I got, bobby pins follow.

Those are my things, that I take to work everyday, in the bag I'm bored with.


Fifi Flowers said...

That could be a good tag... tag your it... should us what's in your handbag... hmmmm... maybe you could start it up!

Bayjb said...

Holy crap you get a lot of stuff in your bag. How much does that thing weigh? Good to know about Botiker's line for Target. I'd get me one of those.

Douchegirl said...

I'm seriously gonna do this! I carry so much crap with me, it could be a series of posts, though.

Anonymous said...

Lot of stuff.. stuffed in.. :)

Hope your bag also asks for a weekend break :)

I like your bag.... :)

Pink Sox said...

And I thought my handbag was an 'everything but the kitchen sink exhibit'! At least you've got super cute stuff ... LOVE the wallet :)

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