Wednesday, July 23, 2008


A work day doesn't go by that I don't talk to WG2 on gchat. That is, unless one of us is out of the office, which was the case today. WG2 has left for London to attending a wedding. Obvi, I'm jealous, she has tomorrow, Friday and Monday off. Biotch. 

Since I was procrastinating anyway, I decided to look up some up of our old and not-so-old chats to fill void in my afternoon. Several of them amused me, but I'm easily amused and I think we're funny sometimes. I've told WG2 that we should have a reality show because it would be GREAT! She disagrees but really believe would find us amusing. Either way, I wanted so share some memorable chats with you, obviously work-related:

3:29 PM July 6th
WG1: i got us toothpaste today
           i took it from the promo closet
WG2: oh that's AWESOME

5:07 PM July 10th
WG1: i wish i had a personal assistant
WG2: seriously

5:26 PM July 16th
WG1: at my dad's i'm going to have to get on the train at 7:26am
WG2: ew
   well at least you have somewhere to live?
WG1: right

9:18 AM July 17th
WG1: i don't feel like working today
WG2: i never do
      i want to play wii
           but all my employers are here
           so i have to appear busy
WG1: boo

11:11 AM July 22nd
WG1: it's days like today that make me want to quit my job
WG2: ugh what happend
WG1: people are just annoying and don't take the deadlines i give them seriously
WG2: hmmm yea

4:46 PM June 12th
WG1: this was the fastest day of my life
WG2: yea day
WG1: i wish it wasn't nasty out
WG2: yea out
WG1: you're busy, huh?
WG2: yea

Ok, so maybe we aren't as funny as I thought we were. But it's these silly little conversations that get me through the day. Since WG2 is probably trying to find Colin Firth and galavanting in London, it looks like I might actually be pretty productive at work tomorrow. Boo. 


ceemee said...

aww, you just miss WG2...

I'm posting a comment on your blog now from work. Ha ha! There are not many clients and phone calls today, so...

Faustina said...

sounds liek conversations i have through text with my co-workers and other friends. Tidbit convos like this are what get many of us through the tedious hours.

Faustina said...

(says my last comment didnt go through so here it is again. If they double em please ignore)
My coworkers and friends and I have lil text chats like this all the time. Its tidbits like this that help most of us get through those tedious hours.

Bayjb said...

We have office messenger, which keeps me from being 100 percent busy too and usually deals with trading links on US Weekly. I need Gchat too.

Amy said...

OMG I could not get through my work day without IM... g-chat... and blogger...

P.S. I heart your site and it has inspired me to (attempt to) spiff up mine!

Ashley Kay said...

I totally know what you mean, J (my roommate) and I gchat all day long, it almost seems like we're getting paid to talk to each other sometimes =D

Ashley Kay

Steph Corwin said...

Okay that is too funny! Mrs. Priss and I do the same. We always know when the other is actually working because they're not too talkative.

drunkndisorderly said...

i am loving this blog!!!

geber-el said...

Hi gals!! I recently opened my own blog, and more recently rolled into your blog: I like it, I've read it some posts and I can say: I feel kinda identified whit all the work stuff, you know all the situations, and all that, hahahaha, just kidding (or maybe not?)
By the way, many of the posts are hilarous, I mean, really hilarious
How is it living in the big apple?

Brett said...

Thats great, like finding old clay tablets with to do lists on, a real glimpse into your life, the mundane made special.

bex said...

Your G-chats are classier than the ones between me and my best. They typically consist of one asking the other if she's pooped today yet.

gine said...

eheh. without messenger i would not be able to go through my day either. i am a mac user, but i really have to thank bill gates for that -grumbles-

Charles McCarthy said...

Hmmmmmm. I wish you could read some of the chats that I have had with people.

Pari Perenti said...

hahaaahhaha, yes you are funny, great blog!

check out my blog too!

Immortal Life said...

It's really amusing.

Yet it seems like most of the time WG1 keeps talking and WG2 keeps listening/reading, here answers are too short.

Anonymous said...

LOL. That's hilarious. I have convo's like that last one.

A Dilettante's Perspective said...

The Jezebel blog brought up a good point . . . females in the workplace are being under worked, and under appreciated for their talents. And, I, too, am typing this and reading this blog at work.

33 year old single mom with MS...trying to make it through each day... said...

I think we were separated at birth. I am sure that if we lived in the same city of worked in the same office we would be friends. So for now, I will just pretend. My girlfriend I and I just constantly email back and forth through out the day...I should count how many go through in a day...

Anonymous said...

3:29 PM July 6th
WG1: i got us toothpaste today
i took it from the promo closet

WG2: oh that's AWESOME

You have to print this on a tshirt - it's hillarious!

Also, I dont want you to feel bad about it or anything..... but we are having the best weather of the year this week.... it's really warm, sunny, and makes London that wicked place that it is.... Hope it's the same where you are too!

Sunny smiles from London! :)

Nikki Ned said...

Sounds like one of my days lately too!!

Although, I have just discovered blogger and have spent time writting mine too.

Check it out would appreciated your comments.

I too started it as a creative outlet for my writting.

Pam said...

WG1, I feel your pain. I also talk to WG2 on gchat all day at work. Now I guess I'll actually have to be productive with my time...pssh where is the fun in that?

At least tomorrow is Friday! :)

Karen said...

I think those are funny convos! =) My best friend and I email each other like...10 times a day at work. Sometimes our emails get pretty crazy/wacky!

HN PA said...

Girl all i do all day every day is engage in mindles email banter with my co- workers. what else is a PA to

p.s lovin your blog, ive only recently started mine, yours is so cool. check my blog out if you're bored, saves you actually doing any work :)

Maxie said...

I wish that I had a personal assistant every day. for serious.

themanhattantransfer said...

thank goodness for galavanting, colin firth and gchat.

somethingsdontchange said...

Ok, working girls, firstly i loved your blog! And yuh a few were really funny! But tell me honestly, do u guys really work ???

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Ha Ha! I thought it was funny!

Best wishes, Kimme

ghostluver said...

Very funny. I kind of wish that I had your lives. I am almost living vicariously thru you. I love the sound of "commuting to work" and living in NYC and even having a room mate that is my best friend. But I'm 46 this year. Divorced with no energy to do anything but watch movies most of the time. Well I guess Al Bundy said it best when he said ... "at least life is half over." LOL

Anonymous said...


WG1: this was the fastest day of my life
WG2: yea day
WG1: i wish it wasn't nasty out
WG2: yea out
WG1: you're busy, huh?
WG2: yea

All Too Human said...

shame on u all. chatting at work.


Anonymous said...

You just summed up my work day: chatting via gchat and stealing personal hygiene products from the office. good stuff, i'm dying here! :)