Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pump Up The Jams, Pump It Up

Tuesdays are my most hated days of the work week. 

Tuesday is no man's land. Tuesday plops you down at the beginning of the week - but not at the middle quite yet - and what's worse is that you're not even close to the end of the work week. Depressing. 

I have devised a small, yet effective cure to my Tuesday Troubles and that is a pump-up, get-me-psyched for the work week mix. This combination of songs has just the right amount of gumption and spunk to get me grooving (and focus less on the stress that is piled on my desk waiting to get done).

1. "Believe" by Suzie McNeil

This tune really makes me think that I could "move mountains with dreams". Seriously. This is a secret, so don't tell anyone, but sometimes I blast this song when no one is home and I stand on my bed, belt this out, and imagine myself moving mountains. Just kidding. Or am I? 

2. "Push the Button" by Sugababes

I'll admit. This song isn't particularly inspiring. But it does make me want to dance, which makes me smile, which makes my day seem not as bad as it really is. 

3. "Believe" by The Bravery.

I hope we're not seeing a theme here. Apparently, I need to believe in things to make myself feel better. Honestly though, this song has a great beat, a great chorus, and makes me want to skip work and play Rock Band all day. Maybe I should quit my job and become a rock star. Just a thought. 

4. "Won't Keep the Good Girl Down" by Marie Wilson.

Please don't judge me, but I first heard this song while watching 7th Heaven. Seriously though, this song convinced Lucy Camden that she couldn't be kept down. Therefore, it is a shoo-in for my sick playlist. 

5. "Courage Is..." by The Strange Familiar

I'm a cheeseball, but I just love the lyrics of this song. "Courage is when you're afraid/ But you keep on moving anyway/ Courage is when you're in pain/ But you keep on living anyway". 

6. "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield

The Hills. Enough said. 

7. "Find Yourself" by Brad Paisley.

I am a huge country fan so this had to be done. 

8. "Find a New Way" by Young Love. 

Find another way to dance. While I'm not a dancer, I really think the moral of the song (if there isn't one I apologize for reading too much into your masterpiece Young Love) is that don't let someone back you into a corner and if they do find another way out. 

9. "We Made It" by Busta Rhymes feat. Linkin Park

I love when rappers and punk rock combine. And this song makes me walk faster to work (it has serious magical powers). 

10. "So Much Better" by Laura Bell Bundy for Legally Blonde: The Musical

I may have just added this to the list because WG1 and I just watched the finale of MTV hit "The Search for the Next Elle Woods". Congrats Bailey! She achieved her dream! Woohoo! Working Girls unite! 

Now, please go download these 10 songs and instantly feel better about your 9-5. 


hydroflame7 said...

oooh nice blog, I've just started in this blogging buisness and I saw that your site is on top of the blogs of note, congrats! I like how your able to make at least 1 post every 2 days, how do you manage?!

Here's a link back to my blog, I'm kind of new so any tips or comments would be helpful =)


Haley J said...

Ahhh! I love the way all of yall write. Girl I feel the same way about Tuesdays. It just seems to drag... and draaaagggg.. and drrraaaaagggggg. Expect more of my blog-loving in the near future.

Choice bit of Calico said...

Hey Working Girls! Love the post.

I listen to music with the purpose of amping myself up for whatever I have to do, almost always.

Let’s take the morning for example. Some people drink coffee. Some people drink redbull. Some people snort sugar boogers.

I on the other hand, have Windows Media Player/some kind of music apparatus going as soon as I can stumble over to it. (I am so not a morning person.)

I choose my music like I choose my perfume and I like to create an atmosphere.

Like the sick person I am, I actually have a soundtrack for everyday life events:

Rise and Shine:
Young Rascals-It’s a Beautiful Morning
Radiohead-Morning Bell

Morning Exercise:
Kanye West-New Workout Plan
Bjork-Earth Intruders
(Embarrassing Admission->) Narcotic Thrust-I Like It

Going to Work:
Rick Ross: Hustlin’
M.I.A-Paper Planes

Dragonette-Teacher Teacher
Chuck Berry-School Days
Hot Chip-Boy From School

Being a Dork:
Men Without Hats-The Safety Dance

Estelle-American Boy
Brazilian Girls-Last Call
MGMT-Electric Feel

Getting smashed:
Dropkick Murphys-Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced
Bright Eyes-Drunk Kid Catholic

At the beach:
Vampire Weekend-Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Pining Away:
Band of Horses-No Ones Gonna Love you
The Arcade Fire- Ocean of Noise, Death Cab for Cutie-I Will Follow you into the Dark

Dim the Lights: Morcheeba-Undress Me Now
Sade-Sweetest Taboo
Portishead-All mine

Frank Sinatra-In the Wee Small Hours
Feist-Honey Honey

Seriously, I have problems. Let’s just say, I like to set the mood!

Naman said...

tunes are a good way to get rid of boredom...............
but get some exercise
it will make u feeel fresh throughout the day....
try swimming.....
and ur blog is nicely decorated..
i really liked it....

Money Making Sleep Walking said...

I really like ur blogs!! U shud come read my 1st blog, Its my first blog ever n I think u might find it interesting.

Ed T. said...

Agreed, Tuesday's are the worst. At least Monday you have an excuse and Wednesday the week is halfway over.

gine said...

9-5?!?! geeeezus, i would pay to have it as my working hours! here i work pretty much every day from 9.30 to 8.00, eating a sandwich at desk... horrible!

Bored Blogger said...

I hate Tuesdays as well. Haha. Awesome playlist, I went to playlist and put it together-couldn't find all the songs though-to get through tuesdays. Keep up the cool blogs, :]

Hanna said...

I want to ask you something .. i'm new in blogspot.com , how can I see my comments? :)

Paint Brush Blonde said...

You guys do a great Blog. I am new to blogging, and am also a very happy, very busy, employee, which is why I have never got round to the blogging thing. But I am hooked to your blog. Nice.

I find it impossible to listen to music at work. I have three TVs in my office. I watch movies in the background when I feel like it. (On one TV at a time, I swear). Or I have also hooked up DSTV for when I feel like that. At the moment, I am watching House - the series - reruns. All that awesome doctor/disease stuff is great background entertainment.

Have a lovely day, WG's.

ceemee said...

Hi there! Your blog is great! I have a question: who decides which one of you should be working girl one or working girl two? :-)
Anyway, can I include you in my blog roll? Keep up the good posts!

Mort said...

Hey love your blog and congratulations on being a "Blog of Note" (I'm not worthy)

I've recently started my blog and your's has really inspired me!

From the coffee lover at:


Bear said...

Great playlist!

wingshan said...

wow! i really love the content of your blog.. keep in touch^^ see yah^^


A Dilettante's Perspective said...

Tuesdays do seem to be the longest days of the week! Good picks!

Working Girl One said...

you really jump on your bed and belt "believe" when i'm not home?

Pam said...

Ugh Tuesdays are the worst day of the week. I'm usually always tired and completely out of it.

I definitely agree that a fun mix can pull you away from the Tuesday blues. "Push the Button" is on my mix, too, along with a variety of chipper Irish songs and poppy Top 40 hits. I'll have to check out your other suggestions, for sure.

Erin Hendricks said...

Wow, I'm a working girl too and every post here seems to resonate with me. I just started a blog too (ain't it great) but the content isn't so geared toward the masses. Keep up the great work! Tuesdays womp, but at least I have this blog to look forward to :)

Miss Tiff said...

I also hate Tuesdays! :) Nice playlist! :) I love your blog by the way!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hello, Wg's, Agree with one of the comments. That before anything else, the music is on to get me going. I love "Unwritten." I think it's become one of my all time favorites. Well, it's midweek, and that means Friday's just around the corner! Have a wonderful weekend.

CashCrate Guide said...

Absolutely amazing blog. You have excellent structure. Keep up the great work!

JAReid said...

TUESDAYS I hate them also. I thought that I was the only person who felt the same exact way. It reminds you that its still the beginning of the week. Bummer right? Well nice blog. I'm just getting into blogging and all. Check out my blogs. I'll get better at it in time.

kk said...

just found your blog (thanks, blogspot!) and it's great!

I, too, am a fan of Cashmere Mafia...but I don't think it's coming back, sadly.

TG said...

Ahh, Tuesdays. How right you are. Are Wednesdays any better? Sunday evenings are worse...all that fuffing around for Monday mornings...gaaaaah!

Daelyn said...

Music always makes things better!! :-) Love the blog! :-)

Sliver Strong said...

Hey Working Girls
I love your blog i check it every morning hehe itz awesome and funny sounds like you relle hate your job !
lolz but keep writing!

Katelin said...

music always helps the day go by. i don't know what i'd do without it :)

Dana said...

I hate tuesdays too.. I hate anyday that's a work day, LOL....

Stacy said...

your blog cracks me right up! I'm a working girl with an office full of accountants as exciting as watching paint dry. Love the hook-up post - just fricken hilarious. Keep up the good work, working girls!

Emilia said...

Stumbled on your blog. Really enjoy it. Keep on posting!


DrapedinPearls said...

I hear you I hate Tuesdays myself and any day of the week that involves work I would die without my ipod to get me thru things but shopping always helps to bad its been to rainy for that. I just started reading your blog and love it already !

momof4 said...

Your blog is very informative and fun! keep up the good work.

Love and Lip gloss


::kacy:: said...

i have to say that "believe" by the bravery is a great song. if you go to my blog: kacycovington.blogspot.com you will see that it is kinda my theme song :) love it! :) :) cute blog btw

Ken said...

Love tour blog, both WG1 and WG2. Very funny! and sad that they don't let you win!! must be rigged for sure.

Ken said...

I love your blog. you two do a nice job. I have been doing this for about a year but I don't think that this is my thing. It keeps my family up to date and will put bad kids to sleep!. Oh now I see why my last coment didn't post. (like I said I'm not good at this...I'm a west coast man ya see.)

BrennanMoy said...

Since when did the sugarbabies get so hot!

- Tim


a~ghost~in~paradise said...

"I Am So Much Better"--very happy song. I like it.

lauren said...

i like it...it's really nice, how do u personalize ur layout????? here's a link: www.laurenlives08.blogspot.com

Soulful Jenn said...

I love that Working Girl One commented.

Felicia said...

I really like your blog:D

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I'm so glad someone else feels the same way about Tuesdays. It's the office joke now, everyone knows to steer clear of me on a Tuesday.

Crispy Banana said...

no Leona Lewis for you?

lindz said...

hi i just started reading your blog and i love it, especially because you guys seem to watch all the same bad tv as i do! i just had to comment when i saw your seventh heaven reference (or sev hev as i like to call it)
for more terrible terrible summer tv check out the secret life of the american teenager. abc family is glorious.

Pump Up Songs said...

I love the Busta Rhymes/Linkin Park song! Thanks for the suggestion girl.