Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nothing a Little Midol Can't Fix

There are often stressful days or weeks at work and last week stress and PMS collided and caused me to break-out, nearly break-down in front of my boss and want to cry after work everyday. 

Usually the only change I notice in my behavior when I'm PMSing at work is my food intake. There is always candy, cookies and other goodies sitting by my co-worker's desks. Last week, there was a birthday which called for a huge display from The Popcorn Factory (I ate about half of it). It also didn't help that there was a new addition to the vending machine, Butterfingers, and it was BBQ week in the cafeteria. Hello, cornbread slathered with butter. 

For the entire week, I was overly stressed about deadlines. I was convinced that our September deadlines came out of nowhere and so did two projects that I just found out were my responsibility. My e-mails to clients were hurried and frantic, e-mails to my coworkers were even more so. 

I even had to be a tattle-tale and go to my boss about one of my coworkers when she handed me a multi-advertiser project that needed to be approved in two days. Let's just say, that's impossible. Seriously, impossible. The project was now mine, in my hands, my responsibility. I was not about to take the blame for a project that was not originally mine and was handed to me late. So I told. My other coworkers said it was the right thing to do. I wanted to cry, I felt awful as I sat in my boss's office as he grilled my coworker about the disorganization of a the project. 

Later in the week, WG2, some friends and I saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway. Before the first act was over, I was on the verge of tears. It was The Little Mermaid! What was going on with me? Stress and PMS, that's what was going on. The next morning, before work, I just let myself have a good cry in the shower. Sometimes that's all you need, a good cry.

The PMS has passed but the stress is still there. I survived the week on Butterfingers, BBQ and by taking free tampons from the women's bathroom. Thank God, it's a long weekend. 


Kyla Bea said...

Oh man - enjoy your weekend, you've definitely earned it!!

Pam said...

Aww...well don't worry, Flounder was so cute I think he could make the whole world shed a tear. And I've cried at the animated version before, when King Triton says goodbye to Ariel when she marries Prince's SO sad.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Sara said...

I have a friend that bawls her eyes out EVERY time that she watches the Little Mermaid.

I had to deal with PMS all of last week too, but at least it's over right?

Anonymous said...

Ok... its strange to put in a guys view in all of this :)

For 2.5 years I went through the rough ride of PMS with my gf - and after a while I understood what and why it happens.... I guess what I am trying to say is don't stess about PMS :P It happens, it's a struggle sometimes, but it goes away... and you feel better :)

Have a very happy 4th July!

Maxie said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. When I get overwhelmed by PMS I just have to constantly tell myself that it'll be over soon.

Athena said...

enjoy the weekend!!! last night, I cried during gladiator like eight times, so it's totally acceptable.

amy said...

butterfingers on the 35th floor? why did i ever leave?! i just caught up on your recent posts, wg1, and i feel so out of the loop- i'm dying to know who you had to tattle on=).
hope you had a great long weekend, i'll be back in the working girl world again on monday and i hope to catch up asap!

Kim said...

Oh my. That bites, I think it makes it a bit worse working in a professional enviroment. Because you can't just reach over your desk and slam the person's head repeatedly into the wall. Oh how I miss retail sometimes...hehe.

phoebe said...

that was so me this week! crying at anything and everything. being a girl is mighty tough these days.

Amanda said...

I understand the need for a good cry--but I don't find shower cries that satisfying. I need to be able to feel the tears streaming down my cheeks. If it just feels like a regular shower, it doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

I understand it all. The candy, cookies, the good cry. Damn I hate that week. I hope things turned around for you.

LivitLuvit said...

No worries. The Little Mermaid (and Disney in general) have definitely made me squeeze out a tear or two... those little critters can just pull at your heartstrings!

steve r said...


In the UK we Have PMT, wat's the difference?

T Standing for Tyranasaurus. :-)

Zanade said...

PMS horror stories lol I can't deal with PMS anymore and I want menopause to move in quickly but according to my bitchy mom you get hot flashes and an attitude so what the heck is left for a working girl to do?

[Killah.Kara]loves.rsc;; said...

awhh. that sounds pas terrible! yes, definitely enjoy the weekend. you have earned it.
i know how you feel about the food intake. and every time you are enjoying the company of your lovely friend PMS, everyone always has the best food available. i'm with you on that!
ahh, the little mermaid is very saddening. i was very small when i first watched it, but i'm pretty sure i cried too.
i'll go, my ramblings are getting long!