Friday, February 20, 2009

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is a weekly feature. Here we will dish on tidbits, news, and important things we think you Working Girls should know. So scroll down to hear what we think you should glean from this work week.

  • It's a fact that unemployment numbers are through the roof, but there are a few states that are staying more afloat than anyone else. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 22 states are recored at lower employment rates than the national average. The top five include: Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Utah.
  • The founder of Take Your Daughters to Work Day, Nell Merlino, has a new book out entitled Stepping Out of Line: Lessons for Women Who Want It Their Way in Life, in Love, and at Work. In the book, Merlino talks about focusing on what you're good at and what's important to you to enjoy your job more. Here are seven of her top tips as reported by U.S. News.

  • Happen to catch my post on how Disney sweatshirts at work make me dryheave? Well, if you happen to see women in your office who are having the same problem, we suggest you send them over to The presidents of the company, Megan and Jennifer, created this website and blog to help women be creative with their wardrobe while still looking professional. My kind of women!

  • Seems that Stewart Bradley, the NFL lineback for the Phildelphia Eagles, has joined in on the celebrities becoming magazine interns. Stewart has joined Elle as a fashion intern. I'm baffled...and slightly attracted (I only said slightly, don't judge).

8 comments: said...

Bradley won't be anywhere near as crazy/cool as Sean Avery. That said, this is still interesting, and I'm curious to see what he does with this oppo. I will say this, though... it's outta left field, for sure.

Cookie said...

I miss your The City recaps! Will they be back soon?

Stef said...

It kills me that the NFL guys can get internships at fashion magazine and I can't! :)

Lose That Girl said...

Once again the famous get the perks that other hardworking folk will never get. I'm sure a regular, normal gal would be much better at the placement than that sporto.

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