Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ask Working Girl: Cliques, Motivation and Pants

We are back with Ask Working Girl. We are only tackling a few questions in our first week back. If your question is missing, don't worry. We thought a few warranted posts of their own so be on the look out.

Mrs. Beautiful asked…How do you keep your spirits up when you start a new job and your co-workers are very clique-ish and very passive aggressive? I'm having a hard time wanting to come to work in the morning.

Your new coworkers may not know they are cliquey or passive aggressive. My coworkers and I have been called cliquey in the past and we honestly had no idea we were acting in such a way that would make someone feel like an outsider.

I would suggest getting to know each coworker individually. You don’t need to try to join the clique but it will certainly make you feel better if you feel more comfortable at work.

It’s great to be friends and get along with coworkers but at the end of the day, it’s just work.

@vesari [do you] find motivation when work overall morale is low?

When I’m feeling unmotivated I create lists. When I first get in, I’ll make a to-do list for my morning. After lunch, I’ll make a to-do list for my afternoon. It helps me feel accomplished in my day-to-day tasks and motivates me to keep checking things off my list. Once one person starts feeling motivated, it can really catch on.

Ana from far away!
asked...are leggings appropriate to go to work?

I love leggings with the right dress for work. And I think they can work in a business casual setting. But I strongly believe that leggings are not pants, your tush should be covered while you're at the office.

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Ana from far away! said...

Love this post! thanks for answering!

Anonymous said...

Good one :)

Nice to know that I'm not the only one who gets really satisfied with a completed to-do-list :P

O.F.C.J. said...

Nice questions. Definitely agree with the one on leggings. New to your blog. Pretty!

Please check out my new one at,

thanks ;)


Mrs. C said...

Thanks for including my question! I'm a habitual list maker. I have a dry erase board color coded by priority. I will write something down just to cross it out for a sense of accomplishment. That's motivation for me.

The whole morale around the office is low so I think that's what is more getting to me!!

Thanks so much! I love this blog!