Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love to Hear the WGs go Tweet Tweet Tweet

We know you've been sitting at your desk everyday thinking "When are those fabulous ladies at Working Girl ever going to join Twitter!?"

No? You haven't? You've been doing your job and being completely productive? Oh. Well, get excited because we're finally tweeting. And guess what? It's work related. Kind of.

You can follow me (Working Girl One) here and Working Girl Two here (or follow the links to the right).

We're new to Twitter so we're just a eager as you are to see how we'll be using it. Any suggestions of what you'd like to see from us are more than welcome!

(Editor's Note: I apologize for getting "Rockin' Robin" stuck in your head.)


Elizabeth said...

Yay for Twitter - I'm pretty new to it also. And yes, I've got Rockin' Robbin stuck in my head now ... :)

Elisa said...

Done and done (it actually applies with two of you!)

Dollface said...

I have not fell insto twitter just yet!! but congrats for you, xxxoo

lisa said...

Yay, welcome to Twitter! Now following both of you.

blaqbird said...

i'm on twitter, but i don't use it much...i seem to forget about i'm not that interesting, but i'll definitely be following you both!