Monday, June 1, 2009

A New Addition

The first installment of the newer, bigger, and better things to come from Working Girl. 

Drumroll please! 

A blog roll! (Oh wait, you're not over the moon excited about this like we are?!). Ok, ok. We know we're a little late in the game. But it's better than never right WG's? 

On the right side of our blog, you will see that Working Girl has added a blog roll where you can enjoy our favorite Working Girl reads. Need to know what to wear to work? We recommend Need to know if those shoes are green? Click on over to EcoStiletto. Just have to know what's going on with the cast of The Office? Check out this jem of a blog.

And to think this is only installment #1!  


Susan said...

That's a great idea! But for some reason the links didn't work for me :(

By the way, I gave you girls a blog award:

Dollface said...

Thans for the headsup!! xxooo

Office With a View said...

Thank you adding us to your blog roll! We love Working Girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo, very cool! I love blog rolls.