Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Still in the Running

When reading the header of this post, you might think I plan to discuss the presidential debate and give you a million and one reasons to vote for Hilly (too soon for a nickname?) since she could potentially be the first woman President of the United States. While we should probably give her a shout-out soon or at least have a guest blogger post about her since WG1 and I are not known for our knowledge of politics (reality shows yes, politics not so much), today, I’m writing about a different campaign - a campaign close to my heart and I mean that literally because after The Biggest Loser competition at work ends and I'm not the winner, I’m pretty sure my heart will ache for years to come if I don't get the grand prize of a week-long spa trip paid for by the higher-up's of my company.

While I wish I could say I have lost more weight, I have only lost 6 pounds after four weeks, which is just two pounds shy of my goal weight at the month mark. I have been trying to lose at least two pounds per week, but unfortunately long weekends, hung over food, and maybe one too many glasses of wine (hey, it was V-Day after all!) have prevented me from reaching negative eight pounds.

And while I've only lost a mere six pounds to my other components ten and sixteen pound losses, I'm still in the running to be the next Biggest Loser of my company. And this fight hasn’t been pretty either. Two weeks in, I saw a forty-year old Cuban man practically burst some blood vessels when he was voted off his team the Jelly Bellies. Let's just say his outburst was so bad he's still not speaking to me (and I wasn't even on his team and therefore did not vote him out of the game). This game is slightly out of control, but of course it adds extreme enjoyment to my days toiling at my cubicle. 

Truthfully, I made an alliance back on day one so I'm not too concerned about being thrown out this far in the game. But in two weeks I have to step up my game because the competition is going to change big time. After the seventh weigh-in, all the teams will be clumped into one large team and whoever loses the most weight will become The Biggest Loser

I never wanted to be a loser so badly. 

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work WG2! I know you can do it. Here are some tips on weight loss:

Try to eat every four hours to keep your metabolism working. Also, it is important to eat within two hours of waking up.

And to get some fitness done while at the office you might try taking a few laps around the block during your break.