Thursday, February 28, 2008

See WG2 Online Shop for Office Supplies

Recently I have become obsessed with See Jane Work, a website devoted to office style and decoration and since I write a blog called "Working Girl", I think my obsession with office knick knacks is warranted. And up until about two weeks ago, I couldn't get away with expensing notebooks like this when my office already purchases us $3.00 ones from Staples which we can just take snatch out of the supply closet. 

But a small glitch in our office's usually organized and spot-free glory just recently happened after our Facility Coordinator (a.k.a. Mail Room Guy & Copy Machine Fixer) was fired. Yes, the big 'F' word. And since then our supply closet has been pitifully bare, so I asked a higher up if I could buy these snazzy portfolios to hold my proposals in when I go on sales calls. I almost got the go-ahead signature before the higher-up realized I'm in the marketing department, not sales. Almost had them in my hands, almost.

But like I said, our office has been pitifully bare. And since our Facility Coordinator was usually the one buying all the tabs for my portfolios and pen holders so I have been salivating over office supplies I could not have while using the nub of a No.2 pencil to take notes at all my meetings. So, how did our Facility Coordinator get dropped? It is a doozy and juicy story. 

Even though I'm pretty sure that our old Facility Coordinator does not read this blog since h'es over thirty-five and a not a 'Working Girl', I'm going to change the names of all my fellow co-workers to protect his identity. Let's call him Bob and rewind my story to its beginning about three weeks earlier when my friend and co-worker Olivia heard what she referred to as "moans and screams" so loud she could hear them in her cubicle which is quite a ways away from Bob's old desk (which was practically in a supply closet...behind concrete walls might I add). Turns out Bob was watching a porno during his lunch break.  

Obviously, Olivia and some of my other co-workers complained and then received a threatening e-mail from Bob saying, "You all should mind your business. If you wanted to know so badly what I was watching, rent it yourself. It's called '19 Lesbians'." Promptly after he sent this e-mail he was asked to leave the company. This was a joyous occasion for many in our office because Bob used his power as the keeper of supplies to its full extent. I've only just been granted the honor of receiving ball point pens instead of the Staples generic kind. And thankfully HR has finally hired a new Facility Coordinator and our stock room is now brimming with more office supplies than one knows what to do with (even though they don't look like this, I'm still happy to have new pencils). And the new hire even offers to help package up any mailings you are doing. She claims it saves the company money. I call her a saint for helping me save my cuticles from the evil claws of the packing tape. 

That's right, HR hired a "her" for the heavy-lighting, technology-fixing, supply-buying job that up until now only a man has occupied in our company's ten years of existence. And to that, I say girl power. 


Anonymous said...

WG2, of course you would want Kate Spade pencils. No. 2's aren't good enough for you?

Anonymous said...

Um . . . I am guessing the lesson to be learned form this is not to watch prono movies during you lunch break. Good to know, good to know.

Anonymous said...

I love office supplies. I agree that having a stylish notebook and pen/pencil is key to success. At least I think so!

Megan said...

so hi 215 park avenue south here, WG2 you should know who that is, just wanted to say that at my office we were given one nice with the company name on the front and a little plastic cover on it so if my hot tea spilled it wouldn't ruin it..well anyway, tuesday i finished my last page in it and i went into the supply room looking for more of the fancy notebooks..looks like it was a one time deal and i got stuck with the crappy mead ones...but i love our office supply qualms there.

Lisette said...

i'm not so big on office supplies.. THIS site, however, takes up all of my time at work:

BrightCrayon said...

I love office supplies. Needless to say, if the pay was decent enough.. I'd kill for that job.

Staples, Office Max..= Heaven

Lewis said...

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