Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Working Girl One’s Etiquette: A Guide to Commuting

During commuting hours, Working Girls are in a rush, a rush to get to the jobs they love or the jobs they hate. Most of these Working Girls know the social norms of commuting. However, there are a few that need a lesson in commuting etiquette; this post is for them.

Please Hold – It is one thing to whip out your cell phone to call your boss to tell her you'll be late as you ride the bus to work, it's a completely different thing to chat with your girlfriend about the fight you had with your boyfriend or how "Sally and John totally made out at the bar on Saturday." I know, Sally and John, I can't believe it either.

When One Door Closes – It's not that hard to hold a door, unless you're in Port Authority which happens to have doors as heavy as an anchor for the Titanic. There is nothing worse than one of those "door holder avoiders," who speed up to avoid holding the door. Hold the door; it’s the nice thing to do.

Walk This Way – Walking on the street or in a subway station is like driving on a three-lane highway: slow moving people should stay to the right; faster walkers should keep to the left.

Movin’ On Up – For some time, I didn’t see the point in walking up or down an escalator, the point of an escalator is to not walk, it’s to have a break from walking or to avoid stairs. During commuting hours, this is a different story. Escalators are the way to go and some of us like to walk up or down them. When riding an escalator, if you choose not to walk, stay to the right and stand. Do not stand on the left, block fellow commuters and then get mad when someone tries to push past you.

Give it Up – Most subways, trains, & buses have signs asking commuters to give up their seat for the elderly or the disabled. Give up your seat for these people and watch out for those people that get surly when you stand up and invade some of their space (Working Girl Two ran into one of those this morning).

Boys Will Be Boys – Working Boys can be ferocious in their attempts to get a seat, cut you in line, or getting on the subway. When a Working Boy is mean to you, it’s best not to give him a bitchy “uh, ex-cuse me!?” Kill him with kindness if you get the chance a polite “thank you” or “excuse me” as you walk past him will make him feel bad.

Me So Pretty – You not so pretty when you do your make-up on your commute. I see you when you get on the bus (sans make-up) and when you off the bus (avec make-up). You looked better before. A make-up routine can take as little as five minutes, take the time and do it at home.

Charge It – Many New York City Taxi’s are equipped with credit card machines, but be advised taxi drivers tend to give passengers a hard time and refuse to allow passengers to use a credit or debit card. To avoid a fight with a driver on your way to work on a day you’re running late or on your way home after a hard days work, let him know you plan on using a credit card when you get into the cab. If the driver claims the machine is broken, call 311 and give the medallion number. For more information, click here.

Bag Lady – Carrying your purse and additional bags can be a pain. But those bags can also keep the creeper standing next to you on the subway from invading your personal space and getting his hands a little too close to your Hanky Pankies.

Stand Clear of the Opening Doors Please – You can’t get on the subway train until I get off, please stand clear or I’ll whip you with my bag. Thank you.

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Please – This should go without saying, but people still do it. Are you really willing to sacrifice your life to get onto the train?

Keep It Down – Maybe I just keep the volume on my iPod down because I don’t want my fellow commuters to know I’m listening to Hannah Montana but it’s a good idea to listen to your music at a reasonable volume. Not only will this keep those around you happy, but it’ll be nice on the ears.

Now that I have imparted my words of commuting wisdom on you, you are ready to hit the streets. And please, share your commuting tips and tricks with me and the other Working Girls reading by leaving a comment.


Ad Girl said...

I like this post, Working Girl One - very witty. I especially like the advice on the make up. I do not have any good commuting advice. I now live ridiculously close to my work, but when I was in Manhattan, I was a frequenter of the N/Q train. My words of advice are...stand clear of the rats. I know you remember this Working Girl One and Two. Subways are nasty places, festering with germs and rotten food - a rat's dream. Also, all this germ talk is reminding me, always carry hand sanitizer. I can't help but think who had their hands on that pole before me.....ick.

Kat said...

The best commuting advice I can give is to always say thank you to the people who work as public transportation employees. Without them, getting to work would be a lot harder. So next time you get off the bus, give a driver a nice thank you.

♥ Smiley ♥ said...

the (- ME SO PRETTY)


BrightCrayon said...

I don't commute, and rarely ride the bus around campus. But even when it's packed and I'm getting off the back door.. I always shout "Thank you!" to the bus driver.

Especially on weekends on the Orange Line or Drunk Bus. (Search WIU Drunk Bus on youtube. I promise it's entertaining) but those people deal with A LOT and I really think just a Thank You as you leave or a smile and Hello when you get on.