Friday, November 14, 2008

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is a weekly feature. Here we will dish on tidbits, news, and important things we think you Working Girls should know. So scroll down to hear what we think you should glean from this work week.
  • See ya People!: Time Inc. is making more layoffs due to the bad economy. According to Gawker, People Magazine asked editorial staffers to volunteer for 18 buyouts. If, by December 1st, 18 employees don't take the buyouts People will conduct involuntary layoffs.
  • Rich Girl: We believe a Working Girl can accomplish almost anything...with hard work and dedication, of course. However Sheree of The Real Housewives of Atlanta believes you just need to be rich. On Tuesday's episode, Sheree hired designers to create She by Sheree. The outcome? A glitzy (any by glitzy, I mean tacky) party to show her designs without any designs! Maybe you should your own elbow grease into next time, Sheree.
  • Working Girl Asks: Lately WG2 and I have been cutting back on shopping and take-out to save some money. We want to know, how has the economic crisis begun affecting you?
  • CUTENESS!: During a long day's work, we all need a little cheering up. Something to make us smile. That's were the puppies come in. I've watched them every day this week. Even when they are napping, I'm fixated. Enjoy:
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ceemee said...

Those puppies are so adorable! Do you know what breed they are? I do love some cuteness galore!

E said...

Hhmmm cutting back.... yes I think everyone is cutting back in one way or another. I to have cut back on shopping and dining out. I seem to be staying at home a lot more as well and hanging out at friends houses and cooking diner versus going out for diner and drinks.

BloggingMolly said...

Cutting back...WHERE do I begin?
My husband makes more than I do, & he was laid off. Now I'm the one bringing in the income which isn't much cause I work at Target. So we have had to turn to the county for help. Lord knows I would've struggled through this without the help, but with 2 little girls, we need it!

Skywalker said...

More eating at home. More using our netflix than going to the movies. And we decided we won't have a big Christmas giving this year - we limited ourselves to $75 per person.

Pam said...

Those dogs are so cute. Are they chow? Anyway, I love me some cuteness. I watch my dog all the time, but puppies are way cuter.

I am trying to cut back by not going out to dinner (which I rarely do to begin with), and limiting my barnes and noble fixation to only a few times a month (I have a problem I think). Also, instead of flying home for the holiday's our family is coming down here. Less money for us at least. It is expensive to fly or drive long distnace.