Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Hills: Nice is Not Lo's Middle Name

Spoiler Alert!

When we last left the girls of The Hills, Whitney and Lauren were working at People's Revolution in LA and Heidi ditched her boss in Vegas for Specner. This season there is bound to be drama. Hopefully some of it will be work related.

Scene 1, People's Revolution. This is a good sign. Perhaps the girls will continue to be somewhat career focused this season. Whitney and Lauren are discussing friendships (Lo and Audrina hating one another) and romance ("Doug's such a funny name" - Whitney), don't we all do this at work? And I don't mean gossip. I mean, talk about Lo, Audrina and Lauren Conrad's love life.

Scene 2, Bolthouse Productions. Seriously? Heidi wasn't fired after last season's Vegas fiasco? Are you kidding, Brent? I'm losing respect for you here. Also, this chick Heidi works with needs to get her act together. She totally encourages Speidi. She seems smart, mature, doesn't she know better?

Secne 3, Epic Records. Good to know all the girls are still employed. I take that back, where is Lo working these days? Was she ever working? "Lo's always been super bitchy, that's just how she is." - Audrina. Perhaps her job is to be a bitch?
And that's the extent of our work coverage for this premiere episode of The Hills. But, because there is so much ridiculousness going on in The Hills, I'll continue my commentary:

Heidi's sister Holly is visiting LA. Ugh, Speidi. I have zero tolerance for them.

"Please be nice" - Heidi
"It's my middle name" - Spencer.
I hate him, but sometimes he has great lines.

Seeing Doug makes me miss Brody. We need Brody back. But I'll give the guy a chance.

I love love love that the Black Eyed Peas "Don't F*uck With My Heart" is still the outro music.

Audrina's Birthday Party. Yes, Frankie! Brody can't be far away. What? No Brody? C'mon!

Lo is officially a bitch. And that look Lauren gave her when she commented on Audrina's friends. Priceless. That girl has the best evil eye.

Justin Bobby is hot. He wasn't when we first met him, but he got wicked hot.

I didn't always buy the whole "Lauren is such a sweet girl, she's so genuine" thing. Now I get it. She's a straight up, good friend. It's Audrina's birthday. She isn't supposed to be in the kitchen, she's supposed to be enjoying her party. Granted, I'm not sure I'd be rolling with Audrina's friends, but Lo has got to learn to be nicer.

Back to Speidi. Is it just me or are Heidi and Holly kind of fake to one another. Holly's LA move is going to be fantastic. Unfortunately, her LA Makeover hair extensions are heinous.

Lo and Audrina will never be friends. Bummer.


Just A Spoonful of Sarcasm said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe I missed it. Those damned Olympics! Gotta set my DVR to record the series!

Fidget Midget said...

I'm glad Audrina finally grew a backbone and stood up to Lo, but either way I doubt Lo learned anything from the experience. I love reading your blogs, keep up the great work!


Kristi said...

Heidi and Holly are weird to each other! My sister and I totally don't act like that! I hate Spencer with every part of my being. Hate.

I loved Lo on Laguna, but I'm so over the way she treats Audrina. Not cool.

So glad to find another working girl that loves The Hills. Most of my coworkers have never even heard of it!

Ms. Liryc said...

Ok, I thought I was the only one addicted to this show. I am not really into reality TV that much but I must say that I am addicted to this show "the hills" I was so glad to see how Audrina stood up for herself. Lo does have a bitchy attitude and I don't know what she has up her booty!

This is said to be the last season of the show.. I don't know what I am going to do on Monday's if this show goes off the air. I loved this show. Anyway lets see what happens the rest of this season!

Miss Building Blocks said...

Last line... I can't believe that Audrina said that... It was so out of line. Oh well, we'll see what happens next Monday!

k. mead said...
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Kerry said...

daayyyumm, justin bobby is wicked wicked hott

Michelle said...

Lo reminds me of an ex-friend.

My sister thinks that Lo and Spencer are made for each other.

I laughed when Lo wanted to run off and cry after Audrina bitched her out. Karma!

Miss Moody said...

I love The Hills to death. I've been following LC since Laguna, but I was a little disappointed by the 4th season premiere. Maybe I got a little spoiled because the Paris premiere was an hour long.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO LO! I loved her on Laguna Beach. I got excited when she joined the Hills cast, but Lo is something else now.

I shake my head every time I'm forced to watch Speidi. Ugh!

20 Something Superhero said...

Thank goodness for PVR!! I was working but had a nice little surprise to come home to!! Even made the bf watch with me, despite the fact that he looks like he's getting dumber when he watches it lol.

Lo is a super bitch. I don't think she has a job, or ever did. Cause I believe she just finished school right?

Thank goodness for Audrina finally saying something. I'm glad she's decided to just not care anymore. Good for her.

I am a little sad that Lauren is not realizing how awful Lo is to Audrina. I mean, come on!!

Oh and Lauren's new boy is hot, but apparently that didn't pan out, since they're currently not together. boo!!

The fake tone Spencer uses when he speaks to anyone annoys me. Heidi needs to just leave him and stop letting the dollars signs that their drama affords her, rule her life!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok seriously I was disappointed with the Season Premiere.

Lo is a bitch, imagine that. I think she honestly tried to make nice with Audrina for Lauren though.

I feel horrible for Lauren because she wants them to all be friends and that's not going to happen with Lo.

And well I hate Speidi. Can the girl really not get a clue?

Alexa said...

i love how lo was such an ass and of course decided to not participate in the pre-show.

lo and spencer should get married and whine and be miserable together.

Katelin said...

i seriously love this show. it's sad. but it's so good. and holly....ummmm i don't really have words for her and her awkwardness.

Caz said...

Seriously! I love you. I've been waiting excitedly for Hills updates bacause Australia DOESNT SHOW THE HILLS!!!! And I am just so devestated I may break up with the boyf and move back to Canada just so I can get my weekly dose of Lauren, Speidi, etc. ok not really on the break-up front -but maybe I thought about it for about .01seconds.

Deanna Lynn's Photography said...

I hate the Hills. Too much drama, and they are all just way too annoying. Plus they all need to seriously grow up.

Mots said...

i think it's a mistake on lauren's part to assume that everyone has to be good friends, i think its natural for some people to just not have anything in common. thats not to say that they cant get along for the sake of living together.

But i also think that Lo is a rude and stuck up girl! Audrina seems much more down to earth. She is friends with some really different types of people, and i can't see her 'barring' Lo for no reason.

Mots said...

oh yes, and Speidi are just lamelamelame. i can't believe she didnt get fired after walking out of that vegas work thing! perhaps bolthouse just likes the free advertising they would get with having heidi work there?

Anonymous said...

Alright, I've been lurking for a few weeks now but have yet to comment... so this'll be my first. :-)

I have to say, this post made me laugh. Of course, I too tuned in for The Hills season 4 premiere. I love all the great (clearly scripted) lines, especially from Spencer. I definitely had a laugh with the, "Nice is my middle name" line. That was quite possibly one of his most memorable to date.

And about Lo, she's pissing me off. I feel like she popped into season 3 for her TV debut, and completely tore apart Lauren and Audrina's friendship. What's up with that?? Lo needs to check herself, and quit being so anti-social!

And finally, it seems like everyone's sisters are joining the cast to get their two cents in about Speidi or Lauren, etc... I have a feeling they'll be friends again at some point.

Can't wait for more!

LWHG said...

I still don't buy the whole Lauren being a nice person/good friend. If she truly was a good friend, then she would say something to Lo about her being such a bitch to Audrina. Instead, she just completely ignores it.

High School Girl said...

That has to be the best picture! The hills season premiere was amazing! Im so ready for the season!

Great job on detail to detail on the episode!

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