Friday, August 29, 2008

What Working Girl Is Watching This Fall Season

We say it a lot. But we can't say it enough. We love TV. And we love when TV involves anything work-related.

Working Girl One Will Be Watching...

The Hills
The show I hate to love. Every season, make that every episode, I say to myself "I can't stand this show, I'm not watching it anymore." But I somehow find myself sitting on the couch every Monday at 10 PM watching the girls of The Hills. While I cannot stand Heidi and Spencer and the girls probably aren't employed at the fabulous places they film their "work scenes," MTV has a way of sucking me back in to see how the girls will fare at Lex Deux and at their jobs. This season we can look forward to Spencer and Heidi plot against the rest of the cast, Stephanie backstabbing by going on a date with Doug and, if we're really lucky, perhaps will see a little more of Brody.

Monday nights on MTV.

The creators of America's Next Top Model and Project Runway are gracing us with another fine reality show this season: Stylista. Eleven fashionistas compete for an editorial job at ELLE Magazine. The must impress Fashion News Director Anne Slowey with their fashion sense and ability to prepare her breakfast accurately. This means getting a short straw from Starbucks not a long one. I know, seriously? This season we can expect screaming, tears and unaffordable clothes. It's going to be great.

New season begins October 22nd on The CW.

Lipstick Jungle
You all know how WG2 and I feel about Lipstick Jungle. We didn't enjoy if for a minute last season. But since our beloved Cashmere Mafia was cancelled are stuck with this second rate show about Working Girls. Wendy, Nico and Vicotry live and work in Manhattan. They try to have it all: career, family, friends and fabulousness. Spoilers are hard to find but in this second, hopefully improved, season Mary Tyler Moore are Rosie Perez are rumored to appear. And of course Keith's winning outfit from Project Runway. We're going to give it one more chance.

New season begins on September 24th on NBC.

Ugly Betty

I have yet to watch an episode of Ugly Betty. For a girl who works at a national woman's magazine (in marketing) and once dreamt of working in editorial, it's a sin that I don't watch and love this show. From what I've read on Wikipedia I know that Betty is the personal assistant to Mode editor in chief and she works with a number of interesting characters, much like most of us Working Girls do. So, Working Girls since I have so much time before the season premiere, can someone please fill me in on seasons one and two?

Season three begins on September 25th on ABC.

Working Girl Two Will Be Watching...

The Office
Duh. This one is a no-brainer. I could not be more excited for the return of this show. It is by far my favorite in the fall season line-up. I can't wait for all my questions to be answered. Will Jim finally propose to Pam? What will happen after that infamous Angela and Dwight sex scene? Will Angela and Andy stay engaged? According to spoilers, what we have to look forward to is a new girlfriend for Michael (Toby's HR replacement Holly) and Michael plans to be a large part in the life of Jan's baby (reminder: it's not his). And according to Entertainment Weekly, we have an Office spin-off to look forward to which will be premiering after the 2009 Super Bowl.

New season begins September 25th on NBC.

Private Practice
What I truly loved about Grey's Anatomy was the introduction of a little character named Dr. Addison Montgomery. I was heartbroken when I heard she was leaving, but equally ecstatic that she was getting a spinoff...with a lot of hot dudes like Taye Diggs, Tim Daly and murse Dell played by Chris Lowell. Can we say yum? Things we have to look forward to this season: lots of drama. Every male and every woman on this show are dating each other...and all work in the same office...which creates drama. Melrose Place's Grant Show is said to be making an appearance as someone's ex, who will I am sure create more and more drama. I love drama.

New season begins October 1st on ABC.

The Rachel Zoe Project
New to my list of must-watch TV shows this fall is Bravo's new reality show centered around stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe. Cameras are said to follow around Rachel and her inner circle of friends, assistants Brad and Taylor, and her husband. Also said to make some appearances are some of those celebs that she styles. My hope is that Lindsay Lohan and her new gal pal Samantha Ronson make an appearance on the show. What I hope to glean from this show is if Rachel Zoe is really a Working Girl Idol or just plain crazy. And I'm putting $10 on crazy.

Season premieres on September 8th on Bravo.

Samantha Who?
First of all, I have loved Christina Applegate since Don't Tell Mom the Baby-sitter's Dead. Pure genius. Last season, I fell in love with Samantha Who?, a show about a woman who wakes up after being in a coma and remembers nothing about her past life. And apparently she was a raging biotch before the car accident that rendered her without memory. So now Sam has to rediscover her relationship with her parents, her boyfriend, her friends and of course our favorite topic, work. And according spoiler alerts, it looks like this season they are going to be doing a fun little dance episode. I love comedies that do hilarious mocks on musicals.

New season begins October 6th on ABC.


A Girl said...

I love your blog! I found it a couple weeks ago and read the whole thing ;)
I linked you on my blog.
You can check it out to follow my own “working girl” life :)

A Girl said...

Oh btw, you really have to watch Ugly Betty season 1-2 ;)

Non Sequitur Chica said...

WG1- I can't seem to stay away The Hills too. It's quite the guilty pleasure.

WG2- If you like the Office, you should definitely check out 30 Rock. I felt that they had a better season this past year than the Office.

Michelle said...

I hope that Rachael Zoe show airs in Canada.

Bayjb said...

Wow you guys do watch a lot of TV, but that's good! My DVR is getting ready to be all fired up again too. I'm most excited for the Office. I do need to look into this Rachel Zoe show you mentioned though.

kokostiletto said...

I CANNOT WAIT FOR STYLISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you watch gossip girl?????? it has the best looking cast, and GREAT FASHION!

knitfreak-to-be said...

I'm away half-around the world from you are but tell you Ugly Betty is a must watch. The original Yo Soy Betty La Fea was a hit here few years back.

Katelin said...

i seriously can't wait for the fall tv, woo. and i totally forgot about stylista, i want to check that out.

Me! said...

LOVE The Office ... but a spin off? Pretty skeptical on how that will do!

laura*cat said...

Please STOP watching Lipstick Jungle. Let's be honest here, it is cosmo (mag) on television & hoping to be the new Sex and the City (ain't gonna happen). BUT, I too am watching The Hills & am always unsatisfied at the end of the episode but somehow find myself watching it every Monday night. The show NEEDS to rid itself of Spencer & do everyone a favor. - Just a thought :)

LYDIA said...

I would have to agree with WG's 1 &2 about Lipstick Jungle - I liked Cashmere Mafia much more. The only interesting part of Lipstick is Nico's boy-toy, and Victory's clothing. Love the blog - I will follow now that I have found.