Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to all our beautiful Working Girl readers! This is one holiday we truly endorse. Technically, it came about to celebrate the strength and spirit of America's trade and labor organizations. Since we labor with the best of them, we think this is a great day to celebrate being a Working Girl. 

We hope that you are not chained to a desk or answering your e-mails today. I, for one, am out enjoying this long weekend by getting tan (but really some awkward reddish color) at the Jersey Shore. 

So have a happy, happy Labor Day! And put the Blackberry down. Now. 


i am but a stranger here, heaven is my home said...

see, you may be happy for a day off of work, but labor day to me means my last day of summer. (someone reminded me earlier that school starts tomorrow and now i'm in a very bad mood.)
enjoy your day off working girl!

NewlyWed07 said...

Ahh... Tanning -- I enjoyed the Jersey Shores for many years until I met my husband -- Now I live 30 miles from the OBX and am ashamed at the amount of time this working girl gets to see the white capped waves...

Maki said...

I think many people celebrate Labor Day as the last day of summer.. I was at the beach with kids enjoying the sun in Florida. Jersey Shore sounds perfect though - so beautiful there... Back to work tomorrow, girls!!! xoxo ~M

Michelle said...

Happy Labor Day!

I am sitting at home, it's pouring rain and I am going to watch the new season of Prison Break and The Hills tonight! Yay!

Bayjb said...

I love days that I don't work and get paid for it :) that is the best part.

And i only checked the blackberry twice this weekend.

missBee said...

Well while all you lovely American Working Girls have the day off, this Ausy girl, is infact, chained to the desk, and answering emails. Jelous!
However, our summer is just beginning here!
Enjoy your days off

Katie Killary said...

I've heard a lot about the Jersey Shore. I only made it out to Coney Island this weekend... Maybe next summer though!

Ginger said...

Hey ladies!

You bring a little fun into my daily RSS feed, and for that I would like to present you with the I *heart* Your Blog award!

Hope you had a fantastic holiday!

Erica said...

As much as I needed a day off (or 3), I spent my entire weekend, Monday included, gutting my bedroom. No rest from hard labor for me, and now I'm back to the grind at my desk. I am also going to hang on to every last bit of summer that I can. I'm not ready to let go. We actually got snow in the mountains yesterday! Yuck! Can we get a do-over for Labor Day next weekend?