Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'll Give Myself an A- For Effort

About a month ago, I admitted that I'm not much of a weekday party animal (unlike my new roommate Natalie).

After I posted I got really motivated to make plans and be more proactive about living life on the weekdays and not letting my weekdays bring me down and subsequentially leave me a couch potato in front of shows like 90210 and Top Design (I don't even like them!).

WG1 had also expressed interest in doing more (because at this point in time she was still living with her dad and had no life - sorry WG1 but you know it's true). Anyway, WG1 suggested we attend a DailyCandy soiree after work one night. The party seemed promising. It was a summer "white party" with summery cocktails, light appetizers, and the first 50 guests were promised a new snazzy electric toothbrush (thrilling I know).

So WG1 and I decided since the party didn't start until 7 that we'd grab drinks beforehand at a bar down the street. But when we turned the corner we realized that the line was already at least 100 people deep. So we got in line. And waited. And waited. And waited some more. I think we waited an hour and half and when we finally entered the coveted DailyCandy party, we made a beeline for the bar.

"We'll have two of these special cocktails," I said pointing at the bar menu.

"Oh, we're all out."

"Out of alcohol?" WG1 asked in pure shock.

"Yep, sorry girls." The bartender then scuttled away from our angry eyes. I'm really good at angry eyes btw.

We both took one look at one another and without words exited the bar. So our big night out ended up being a bust. On a lighter note, we ended up finding a really cute little restaurant nearby where we enjoyed some really great artichoke dip and of course wine to wash it down with. We also made some new friends in line while waiting so we officially felt social and had a great meal to boot.

Moral of the story. I don't really have one. I think I just wanted to prove that I'm not always lame and do manage to get out after work.

And that do be a good Working Girl, you have to let off some steam every once in a while. And I'm trying my darndest to get out there more. For example, WG1 and I had drinks with our friend Hannah a few weeks ago, we had a amazing meal at Buddakan last week (where we saw Dale from Top Chef!), and next week my gay bff from work promised to take me on a date to bar Porkies where 12-Pack from I Love NY bartends once a week (I kid you not).

So I think I'm doing pretty well. I'm no party animal. But I'm no couch potato either.


High School Girl said...

Wow! It sounds like a new start on Working girls life! I think you have the best of both worlds girl! Live it up! Great post!

Michelle said...

90210 has all of my friends, including me, spending Tuesday night's at home and having 90210 viewing parties.

As for going out for martini's... I need to get back to that. I did that all the time years ago with my friends, but work and school and life got in the way. We're trying to get back to doing that.

Giovanna Diaries said...

Yeah, this new 90210 is so not the original! And what is up w/Brenda's teeth?
As for going out. Good for you. I myself went out to a trendy thing like that recently here in Boston. I totally felt out of place but luckily had a great girlfriend to enjoy the awkwardness with. The dinner and drinks afterwards totally made the night out worth it.

Sara said...

It really can be hard to get out there and do things after work. Some days I seriously want to just put my pajamas and go to bed by 8pm!

lisa said...

Nice work. Baby steps. :-)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Nice job working girl. It's so easy to let work take over your whole life but I truly think you can't be satisfied at work if its leaving you with no energy/time for the rest of your life. Good way to strike a balance!

Anonymous said...

w-w-w-w-wait. hold up. How does a bar run out of alcohol? I mean, it's not one of those things someone might neglect to notice if it starts to get low huh.

Awesome that you got to get out for a bit though. sometimes I get so bogged down from work I don't even think to exit the apt after getting home for the day. Just too tired to attempt planning. Good for you! Maybe next time will work out better!

XOXO - Maxine said...

Hahaha...Porkies...I've been (and have stumbled out of) there one too many times. If your a fan of artichoke dip there is a great place on 54th that serves the BEST artichoke dip I've ever had, and I pride myself on knowing these things. If I could only remember the name of that darned place...shucks! XOXO - Maxine

Sunny said...

That's really good of you WG2! You should go to the movies someday after a tough workday. It feels good to watch hearts getting broken on the screen and realise that your own life is much happier :))

Belowen said...

Great work! I've been making a bigger effort to get out more too... I'm reinspired, so thankyou!

E said...

Glad you got out and had some fun even though it wasn't what you planned on doing! Exciting about meeting Dale from Top Chef ~ even though I can't cook I love the show!

Twenty-Something said...

frequenting same spots as D-List Celebrities = party animal.

You go WG!

Mojo said...

i'm not really one to go out late on weeknights either, but i'm in madrid for the summer and i'm forcing myself out onto the streets and into the bars as often as possible... it's sort of refreshing (except for the visible clouds of cigarette smoke in every bar.. one thing i miss about the us). it's definitely worth the sleep deprivation i inevitably suffer from the next morning

Anna Routh said...

I feel you, WG1. I never want to do anything after works besides eat and lay on the couch catching up on my Tivo. Good for you for making an effort. The few times I have, I've gone way overboard and ended up leaving a meeting to puke mid-morning! So proud.