Friday, March 6, 2009

Dear Working Girls,

WG2 and I have completely and totally dropped the ball on posting this past week. Blame it on the winter blues or that WG2 just came back from a business trip or that I just really couldn't do anything but watch Lost on Wednesday and was too tired to post (you Losties know, it takes a lot of effort to watch and understand each episode).

We promise to be back in action next week. With daylighting saving time in full force and a week off from my favorite television show, we will have no excuses.


WG1 and WG2


B said...

Lost is an investment. 1 hour to watch, 2 additional viewings of each episode online, 3 hours reading articles/theories online and at least 4 hours discussing with friends. And where does that get you? To NEXT week's episode with more questions and LESS answers!

I love LOST.

Leslie said...

I don't watch Lost... but I was sucked into reality tv this week! :)

Jenn said...

HAHA I love your girls' blog, it makes me laugh and I can definitely relate being in my first grown up job myself out of college! Thanks and keep up the fun writing :)