Monday, March 2, 2009

"I'm Running in Stupid Heels"

Faulty internet, an annoying television and my beyond pathetic Monday night bedtime have prevented me from posting my The City recaps every week. For that, I apologize. I know many of you enjoyed those posts but they have officially been retired. But, I've decided to take up a new weekly television show: Running in Heels.

Running In Heels premiered Sunday night on the style network. The eight-week docuseries will follow three interns and the staff of Hearst's Marie Claire. I feel better about following people who actually work where they say they work. So, Working Girls, here we go.

The 3 Interns

Ashley from Washington, D.C.
"I'm always trying to be the stand out one of the interns"

Talita from L.A.
"I believe I have the talent of Fashion. I think I was just born with it."

Samantha from Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
"I'm a little nervous because I don't know much about fashion magazines and how they work."

According to Ashley, the magazine gave her the names of the two other interns, they decided to live together and Ashley found the apartment that the three girls are living in online. False and false. Granted, they only have one bedroom and there are bunk beds. But still, when I was an intern I paid $2,000 to live in an NYU dorm with five other girls.

Immediately after introductions, there is drama already boiling. Ashley doesn't like Talita because she's very L.A. and Talita thinks Ashley is standoffish. Samantha, in true Midwest form, likes them both. So far, Talita and Ashley have nothing bad to say about Samantha. I give it 10 minutes.

The Staff

Joanna Coles - Editor In Chief
"It is stressful but i love it."

Zoe Glassner - Senior Shopping Editor
"Positions in the industry are limited"

Lucy Kaylin - Executive Editor
"Nothing gets in the magazine without going through me first."

Zanna Roberts - Senior Fashion Editor
"It's definitely not all glamour but it's fun and I love what I do"

The First Day

Ashley, Talita and Samantha take a cab to work. Shouldn't interns be taking the subway or the bus?

Zoe greets the girls, gives them a quick tour and then offers them her advice.

Zoe's words of wisdom are:
1. Don't speak unless spoken to.
2. No gum.
3. No flip-flops.
4. Wear appropriate underwear
5. And don't forget "there are hundreds of girls who would kill to be you."

I think I've heard that last one somewhere before. I just can't put my finger on it...

She also gives them their first week assignments:
Talita - assist the beauty department at fashion week.
Samantha - tend to Joanna Coles and newly hired Nina Garcia.
Ashley - assist Zoe in the fashion department

Talita and Samantha are beyond excited by their assignments. Ashley is not and she should be. Zoe has worked at Marie Claire for eight years. I'd guess she knows the ins-and-outs of the magazine more than most. If Ashley were to preform well in assisting her it would be very helpful for her career. Throughout her assignment she's sulking.

We get our first real glimpse of Nina during a fashion department meeting. She is channeling Miranda Preistly. I like it.

Down in the studio Zoe is also hardcore and I like it. Ashley does not. She did not pack up items from a photo short correctly and Zoe is not having it.
Zoe says, in a voiceover, that internships are all about learning and that if you don't know how to do something, you need to ask. Ashley says, to the camera, that Zoe didn't tell her how to pack the times, so she shouldn't be mad. Who's side are you on?

Sergio, Joanne's assistant, gives Samantha her first assignment. To pick up designer outfits for Joanne. And before we know it she is literally running in her heels. On her way back to the office, she tries to hail a cab. "I don't know what the lights mean," she says about the cabs.

(A quick NYC cab lesson from WG1: if just the lights in the middle are on, the cab is available. If no lights are on, the cab is taken. If just the "off duty" lights are on, the cab is off duty. If the "off duty" and the middle lights are on, the cabbie might take you were you need to go if he feels like it.)

Talita's assignment is to go to the Rock & Republic fashion show and interview models backstage about their beauty secrets. When she arrives backstage she looks totally lost. I can't blame her, it looks beyond overwhelming. It's stressing me out just watching.
The following Monday, Talita meets with a beauty editor to discuss her assignment. According to the editor, Talita didn't get enough information and had several spelling mistakes in her draft. That's a huge no-no.

While Talita was doing a bad job backstage, Sergio called the intern apartment and gave Ashley tickets to the show and she did not invite Samantha. After the show and back at the apartment Samantha confronted Ashley. Ashley was not sorry for not inviting Samantha and this upset Samantha. Drama, drama, drama.

Later, Zoe is passing out assignments again. For the Nina Garcia party, Samantha gets to work the red carpet, the glamorous assignment, while Talita and Ashley are working on event planning (read: gift bag stuffing duty). And obviously Ashley is sulking about it. She thinks she should have the more glamorous assignment because she has more experience.

After the Party

"Never would I ever have the audacity to walk around a party, with Nina Garcia, during fashion week, barefoot, with a glass of champagne in my hand, as an intern." - Ashley.

"It was very clear tonight that Samantha doesn't know what shes doing." - Talita

"They were looking at me like I was the biggest idiot" - Samantha about Ashley and Talita.

Upon first meeting the girls, I thought I was going to hate Talita and that Samantha was slightly annoying. Ashley appeared to be the perfect intern. She was experienced, poised and polite. Those last two didn't last long. Perhaps she has the most experience but she needs to cut out the competitiveness and realize that each opportunity during her internship will be helpful. Even it is stuffing gift bags and packing up photo shoot items.

I began rooting for Samantha, the nice girl from the Midwest. But, I was right, she's annoying and "green" as Talita put it. As an intern or even as a full-time employee working the event, you should not be seen eating the food or drinking the drinks while the party is going on. Nor should you take of your heels.

Talita, while she made some mistakes with her first assignment is the most mature intern so far. She stayed out of the drama between Ashley and Samantha and only reacted to Samantha's actions at the party. We'll see how long she remains drama free.

(Editor's note: I apologize for the lack of photos. As previously mentioned, my internet has been faulty lately and pictures are just not going to happen for this post.)


Anonymous said...

This show is my new addiction.

Douchegirl said...

OMG!!! I freaking love this show! I'm obsessed! I even got my gay bf at work to watch it so we could discuss.

Is it weird that the first thing I thought when watching this was "I bet one (or both) of the Working Girls is live blogging this!"

lisa said...

Great recap! I wonder if I can watch this show online somewhere...

Anonymous said...

1000's of girls want to be you? You got that from the Devil Wears Prada!

Nickie. said...

Hey, you ladiies have been given 2 awards!!! =)

Giovanna Diaries said...

I never even heard of this show! Thanks for giving me the heads up to yet another reality show I will be watching.

B said...

I don't think I need to watch this, I'll just check your blog for the vital, dramalicious details.

Also, LOVED this: "Samantha, in true Midwest form, likes them both. So far, Talita and Ashley have nothing bad to say about Samantha."

I appreciate this - hilarious.

My new favorite reality tv show is The Millionaire Matchmaker. The guys are so clueless.

Costume Diva said...

Oh -the cab thing drives me nuts! I always debate whether or not to tell tourists about the lights. Usually I igonore their desperate state and stun them by crosssing the street without the walk signal!