Monday, March 23, 2009

Make New Friends But Keep the Old

This past weekend I jetted off to NYC to celebrate WG1 and our friend Catherine's birthdays. But before I got outrageously drunk off large margaritas at Maracas Bar & Grill and sang along to Bon Jovi's "Bed of Roses" at Iggy's Karaoke Bar, I had a lunch date with some old co-workers at our favorite sushi joint. 

A few faces weren't able to make it (including Red and Small Fry), but I did get to hang out with most of my old friends while munching on chicken teriyaki. We gossiped, told stories, talked about the recent lay-offs, and the more recent hires. And after lunch I followed everyone back to my old office and chatted with The Boss, visited with The President, and even joked around with The CEO. 

I think I spent a total of two hours catching up with everyone (which seriously cut into my shopping time). And while I know I don't miss my old job, I do miss the people. Sitting around making fun of each other - I miss those moments.

At my new job, I am pretty much friendless. The cast of characters is slim and include a former New Yorker def. over 50 HR manager who sits behind me and makes me laugh constantly, the executive assistant to the CEO who is in her 40's and loves The Bachelor, the IT guy with millions of tats who loves country music, and a married 30-year-old girl who was definitely the cool girl in high school and intimidates me even though I know she wants to be my friend. 

At my old job, the cast of characters was much more vast and there were different people to talk to with all my different issues (work-related and non work-related). 

I miss the camraderie and the longer than an hour lunches and throwing paper planes at each other over our cubicles. I have always had a teeny tiny fear that I won't get to that place with my new co-workers, and seeing my old co-workers this weekend made that fear a little bit wider. 


P said...

As a now stay at home mom, I also can say I do not miss my old job, but I do miss the people. I love reading your blog and remember my own working girl days!

Amber said...

I had one job my first and second year of college where I made the greatest friends. No job has ever matched up since!

I'm not a "working girl" yet, I'm still in university right now, but I really enjoy your blog :-)

Blaez said...

i've worked at my place of employment for nearly 3 years now. i've worked for 1 yr in my current position. i still don't have the comraderie that i wish to have. but everyday we get a small step closer :-) and all you need is patience!!

L.L. said...

Awww.... Just try and make the best of it. I know that is so easy to say and hard to do, but trust me, even if you just make one good friend, it will be good for ya!

I've been lucky to always work with good people no matter where I've gone, and it's great to keep in touch. It'll all work out.

remember moments said...

I bet that was a bittersweet weekend. I can relate, at my very 1st job I had the BEST set of friends, some of which still stay in touch today, but it's challenging since we've all moved on new places. I've never found another set of fun co-workers like them.

Dollface said...

Thanks for finding me on 20something bloggers!! Looking forward to reading your blog and you reading mine! xoxo

I'm Just Me said...

awww... it's hard to start over in a new place- esp when you were so close with the people at your old job. Maybe your current work place isn't where you'll meet your new BFF's.. do you have other interests where you can meet gal pals? Book club, yoga class...something to bring a little bit of your sex in the city back? give it a try...but yes- always nourish the friendships you've left in NYC :-)