Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Running In Heels: Homework

Joanna, Nina and Zanna are heading to Fashion week in Europe. But before the leave, Joanna wants to sit down with the interns and get their opinion of recent issues of the magazine.

The girls are excited and nervous to have the opportunity but Talita isn’t thrilled at the idea of have “homework” after a 12-hour workday. Samantha is Patty Positive about it and Talita mocks her. Ashley sulks and rolls her eyes. Per usual.

“Do you ever think about anything realistically?” – Talita to Samantha.

“I don’t see what’s wrong with being positive. We got an assignment, I’m gonna work hard at it, not just complain like Talita.” – Samantha

I’m going to have to go with Samantha on this one.

Abby, a fashion assistant, is preparing for European fashion week. She’ll be going with the editors but instead of attending the shows, she’ll be running a satellite office from her hotel room.

That night, Ashley and Talita are back their apartment and Samantha is still at the office preparing for their meeting with Joanna. As they eat dinner, Talita and Ashley talk shit about Samantha.

The next morning, Samantha is still reading back issues while the other two get dressed.

“Does it even take that long to read?” – Ashley

At the office, the Meeting begins with Samantha saying “I love this issue, I’m not trying to suck up or anything.” Talita rolls her eyes and Ashley sulks.

Joanna responds with “you can suck up, sucking up is good.” Well, if the Editor In Chief says so, I’m going to say it’s fine.

Talita and Ashley both give positive feedback about the issue they are discussing but then Joanna asks them to share what did they didn’t like. Dun dun dun!

“I have a lot of those.” – Ashley.

Don’t think that was your best move, Ash. But then she gives fair constructive criticism of a fashion piece and Joanna agrees with her that the spread did not have variety in the clothes and diversity in the women. This becomes their next task. In 5 days, the interns have to create a page featuring a current trend and a real woman.

“We keep on getting harder and harder assignments and more and more work to do, this internship is harder than I thought it would be.” – Talita

“ I’m not going to admit it to the other girls but, I’m actually pretty glad we got this assignment. Its’ my chance to finally show j what I’ve got.” – Ashley

Samantha may be smarter than Talita and Ashley are giving her credit for. She gets samples from the fashion closet for their assignment and has a fashion assistant model the clothes. Things get a little emotional when she tries on an outfit and it doesn’t fit. Jeremy, a fashion editor, reminds her that sample sizes are 2 and 4 and that she shouldn’t be upset.

Later, Ashley asks Zoe for advice on their assignment. Good move seeing as Zoe is the editor for that page. Ashley truly seems nervous and admits that she’s a huge procrastinator and that she probably wont do anything until the last minute. How very college of her.

Talita hits the streets of Manhattan to hut down women in vests. Talita asks the art interns to help her layout her page.

They meet with editor Lucy to update her on the status of each of their pages and Ashley is late. Her excuse: she gave her last dollar to a homeless man and that dollar was her dollar for the subway. Uh, really Ashley? First of all the subway is $2.00 and, second, I thought you ladies rolled in cabs.

Ashley finds out that Talita had the art interns to design the page and she plans to call her out on it. I think this was fair. It’s not like the editors design each page in the magazine, the art department does.

Two days before the project is due, Ashley still hasn’t done anything and instead of working she talks to Zoe about how Talita “cheated.” Zoe doesn’t think what Talita did was out of line but she does say that Ashley will look better if she does her entire assignment herself.

Joanna and the crew are back and it’s time for the girls to present.

Samantha had a poorly cropped photo on her layout.
Ashley’s page was unfocused.
Talita had spelling mistakes in her copy. When is this girl going to learn?

“I don’t think any of you have spent any time really looking at magazines.” – Joanna

“I thought that Samantha’s trend was awful, Talita’s, she cheated on her project and Joanna still didn’t like it. – Ashley

“I hope that Ashley and Samantha have learned their lesson and that next time they worry less about me and focus more on their own projects. – Talita

“I don’t think it can get any worse” – Ashley


B said...

So, they all suck?

Or can we chalk it up to "learning experiences"?


hollylynn said...

oh, how i love this show.

every time they show up with spelling mistakes, it just kills me. i laugh and laugh.

the only way i can think of that even being possible is if they're actually composing their copy in inDesign, which i remember not having a spell checker. but seriously...WHO DOES THAT?

Somewhere In Between said...

Ashley is just so unlikeable! She reminds me of a girl I interned with and that same girl tried to take all of the credit for a project we were supposed to do together, and that she put no input into. I wouldn't put it past Ashley to do something similar. She is just FULL of excuses, I'm embarrassed for her!

Vampy Varnish said...

Talita is an idiot, straight up. Only a complete moron would turn in TWO assignments to a magazine publication with spelling errors! I would have fired her ass right then & there, that makes me SICK!

Ashley is whiny, immature and talentless and so obviously jealous of Samantha, it's pathetic.

Samantha is the only one with any shot working there as far as I'm concerned. She's a real person who seems to really want the job and do what it takes to get it without being a huge baby about it.

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