Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes is a weekly feature. Here we will dish on tidbits, news, and important things we think you Working Girls should know. So scroll down to hear what we think you should glean from this work week.
  • Bag It! Finding the perfect work bag is tough. You want something cute and a little trendy but easy to organzied and condusive to your busy life. And then you need something good for traveling or that'll fit your laptop for a meeting. is here is save us from the frustration of bag shopping. Created for women by women, CareerBags have something for every type of Working Girl. Seriously, you can browse by career.
  • Working Girl Whitney Makes Moves Our favorite reality TV Working Girl has left DVF and gone back to work for Kelly Cutrone at People's Revolution. I must say, I'm very excited about this move. DVF was boring (reason #32 why I stopped watching The City). Kelly Cutrone is hard core and very New York and that's what you need in a reality show titled The City.
Sorry for the short Meeting Notes this week. It was just too beautiful in Manhattan for me to concentrate and blog!


Cass said...

Ooh, love that website and this bag in particular.

And thanks for the Whitney update, apparently I'm not up to date on my The City news, but this is definitely good stuff. Kelly Cutrone is exciting to watch.

Carissa said...

as Cass said, thanks for The City update. I haven't been paying attention either! So does this mean no more Olivia? That makes me happy and sad, because I was really hoping Whit would just bitch slap her in one episode :) At least we have Kelly Cutrone, who is also crazy and also makes for good TV.