Thursday, August 13, 2009

Screwing Around on the Job

Have you ever slept with someone just because you thought their job was sexy?

I recently came across this Marie Claire blog post written by a woman named Maura Kelly who recently met a glam & fab woman at a glitzy party. They got to talking about her interesting job - how she does high profile events and how she has access to things not a lot of other people do. The one drawback to her job? That guys are more into her because of her job and how she often wonders if they're sleeping with her or her job.

This whole concept got me thinking. My job is not nearly cool enough for people to envy me for it, but as an event planner I do get a lot of perks. You know, a free pen from Marriott, a bathrobe from the Gansevoort, a free meal, tickets to a Cubs game - all things that they try to throw at me so I use their hotel for an event. Sure these things are kinda cool, but definitely not something that would lure a guy in - or for a guy to try and screw me over for.

But I see this woman's point. We hear about gold digging women quite often (like in Kanye West songs), but what about the gold digging dudes? The guys out there looking for the hook up from women with cool jobs? We don't hear about them that often. And I'm not talking just guys out there who are looking for women with wealth, but women with perk-related jobs.

What kind of jobs do you think men go gaga over? My guesses would be anything having to do with modeling, acting, or sports-related. And yes, I just did a large stereotype. Sorry boys!

It also got me wondering about what kinds of jobs turn me on. I think a man in uniform - policemen, firemen, soldiers - all sort of turn my head (especially during Fleet Week - right WG1? Wink, wink). I have to admit anything finance related makes me yawn, but bring up writing and I'm instantly batting my eyelashes no matter what the dude looks like.


Anonymous said...

Guys will sleep with anyone who they think will get them somewhere. Particularly those A-type personalities. I know for a fact that men in my industry have slept with women in the same industry at different companies to get inside info or the buzz on a deal. Sad but true.

As for who I would bone... a man with a guitar just does it for me. Even if he's not that hot. Plus the obvious uniformed men, like you said.

Amy said...

For sure, with the annoying popularity of the "cougar," we should also be talking about gold-digging boys!

I think, though, that your examples of jobs that turn you on are more related to what kind of person someone is than what kind of perks they get - which is way less shallow =)

Izzy said...

I agree, aren't they called sugar mommas? :-)

Makes me think of "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days", when he gets more into Kate's character when she has tickets to the ball game.

High-heelgal said...

I definitely think that these days, with the economy the way it is, guys will do whatever they can to get themselves ahead, even if it means sleeping with a girl for her job (which may also mean he not only gets some good sex, but also, some inside contacts/networking deals!)

As for guy jobs that are hot, I think male elementary teachers are super sexy (and I'm not saying that just because I'm a teacher either!) Anyone who has the patience to deal with screaming/snot-nosed 7 year olds can definitely handle me ;)

Lindsay said...

I'm often drawn to people with artistic careers (musicians, artists, writers). I'm not sure if I'd sleep with someone for their job, but some of the attraction is tied to what they do everyday.

Lauren Jade said...

to be honest, getting tickets to a Cubs game would be a big perk even to me... but my BF turned me into a baseball fan and his fav team is the cubs! haha I agree with the guitar comment from talesfromabarstool. or any athletes.

Kay said...

A math teacher is def my turn-on job....hehe.

Azra said...

Cool blog :)

Here in South Africa, they refer to the rcih/successful women as 'cheese girls'. It's become a trend here because of 'feminism' and women empowerment, men (yes I'm generalising) have decided to take the backseat and have become so lazy, because its easier to whoo a pretty lady that has access to everything they want, than for them to actually make the effort to go out and get it themselves.

MonsteRawr said...

For me, it's not necessarily the job that gets my goose. It's an absolute sense of confidence and power and control of the situation. I totally fell for my husband watching him stand on stage and point and yell at people. Knowing that he was controlling the action and seeing him do it with complete confidence was the hottest thing I'd ever seen!

Becca Christensen said...

Good post! My Dad work for the NFL and I'm one of 3 girls in my family. I wouldn't say that it happens often or always in obvious ways, but I think there have been guys would have dated me for the perks that come with that connection. Thankfully, I've always been smarter than that. : ]


Nishant said...

It's an absolute sense of confidence and power and control of the situation. I totally fell for my husband watching him stand on stage and point and yell at people

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